Heathrow Airport named in top ten most haunted places in Britain

Heathrow Airport has been named by holiday rental site Holidu as the fourth most haunted place in Britain.

Many may be surprised to see an airport on a list next to more traditional supernatural haunts like castles and towers, but there is more going on at Heathrow than flights to Bangkok.

The main tale of ghostly activity surrounds a plane crash in 1948, where a man was seen asking if anyone had seen his briefcase.

But later, firefighters saw that same man among the wreckage of the aircraft.

Since then, the ghost has been seen on the runway multiple times – perhaps the office of unfinished business has a strict dress code.

If that wasn’t enough to shake your scepticism, in 1970, the radar office picked up a man on the runway, but when emergency services arrived he was nowhere to be found.

So, if you ever find yourself at a loss at Heathrow Airport whilst waiting for a plane to take you on holiday, instead of endlessly browsing giant Toblerones and designer fragrances, you could use your time to become a real-life ghostbuster.

The full list:

  1. British Museum
  2. Tower of London
  3. Blackpool Pleasure Beach
  4. Heathrow Airport
  5. Warwick Castle
  6. Windsor Castle
  7. Edinburgh Castle
  8. Clumber Park
  9. Edinburgh Playhouse
  10. St Andrews University
Ham House on a cloudy day.
HAM HOUSE HAUNTED?: The National Trust names Ham House among its most haunted venues. Credit: National Trust

Those seeking other potential ghoulish escapades in South West London this Halloween could also visit Richmond’s Ham House, which is listed as one of the National Trust’s most haunted venues.

The main ghost here is said to be Elizabeth Murray.

The Duchess of Lauderdale and an incredibly ambitious woman who was friends with both King Charles II and Oliver Cromwell, she looked to gain influence with whoever claimed power.

Some have speculated that her aspirations led her to murdering her husband and one of his former wives to facilitate her rise up the social strata.

Her poverty after her second husband’s death, Earl of Lauderdale John Maitland, caused her to take up an apartment at Ham House, and most of the supernatural activity occurs in this part of the building.

Many visitors report a strange oppressive atmosphere where her apartment was – pets are reluctant to enter, and staff often mutter ‘Good afternoon your ladyship’ before they go in.

There is also a looking glass in Elizabeth’s old apartment dating back to her time, that many are reluctant to look into for fear of who may be looking back.

The only spirit known to be inhabiting Ham House is a woman in black seen on the stairs, believed to be Elizabeth.

They recognise it as her because her favourite activity was climbing structures, be them physical or social.  

Featured image credit: Tony Hisgett, Flickr

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