The UK movie industry in 2022

London is the third-largest centre for film production worldwide.

With billions of Euros invested in film production in recent times, the UK movie industry is bigger than ever.

The British Film Institute (BFI) revealed a total of 27.8 million cinema admissions in the first quarter of 2022 alone.

Although yet to hit the pre-pandemic highs, there is plenty to look forward to in 2022.

Back to business

The UK film and TV industry has shown spectacular resolve by bouncing back from the devastating impact of the pandemic.

An annual record spending of £5.6 billion on blockbusters such as Mission: Impossible 7 and dramas like Bridgerton in 2021 already set the ball rolling for a better year in 2022.

The industry has doubled down on its investments with almost £2 billion spent in the first quarter alone.

However, despite the apparent boom in the UK movie industry in 2022, it is crystal clear that all hands need to be on deck.

The UK’s film studio is expecting 20 new sites in the pipeline and a rise in space to 6.8 million sq ft.

However, 40,000 job slots need to be filled by 2025.

Consequently, the industry has now turned to ex-forces, accountants, aviation workers, and just about anyone who could fill the gap.

Ellis-Unwin, the producer of the 2010 film The King’s Speech, led an initiative with Pinewood to retrain 1,000 aviation workers for screen roles.

These workers lost their jobs during the pandemic.

Once the demand for skilled, world-class, and trainable manpower has been met, all concerns about a possible implosion in the near future would have been addressed to a large extent.

According to National News, Ben Roberts, the chief executive of BFI said: “The groundwork for further growth is underway with an expansion of studio spaces and production hot spots across our nations and regions, and working with industry to build up the skilled workforce that we need to meet demand and stay on top of our game.”

Growth and international relations

Following the UK’s exit from the European Union, the industry has had to work twice as hard in developing international relationships.

The industry has worked closely with several European commissions in countries like Spain, Italy, France, Hungary, and the Republic of Ireland.

Like every other industry, the British film industry needs support with production.

Chancellor George Osborne’s contributions are not forgotten.

His decision to create tax breaks so that the industry could get more work from American studios, made about a decade ago, proved to be a masterstroke.

This forward-thinking move deserves some credit for the current boom in the industry.

It is safe to say that the tax breaks have made the British film industry more competitive over the years.

It would be unfair not to mention the influence of streaming giants and tech firms in the UK film industry.

In January, Netflix announced that it had 222 million subscribers and transitioned to Netflix worldwide.

The website spends over £12.5bn a year on new programming to meet up with subscriber demands.

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Final thoughts

Despite the exponential growth of the UK movie industry this year, it would be wise to be wary of some potential pitfalls.

The imminent global economic recession, terrible world events such as wars, and lingering health situations from the pandemic could all pose a threat to the growth of the British film industry.

The UK industry would need collaboration with other movie industries, strengthened international relations, technological advancement, government support, infrastructure, and private funding to meet the demands posed by its growth and navigate any potential crisis.

It would be an amazing sight to see the UK movie industry succeed with its long-term viability plans.

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