Spamalot stars bring world tour to New Wimbledon Theatre

 The stars of Spamalot have revealed that performing in the acclaimed musical stage comedy is “like a dream” ahead of their five-show run at New Wimbledon Theatre.

Bob Harms and Rhys Owen, who play King Arthur and Patsy respectively in Selladoor Worldwide’s touring production, took over the theatre’s social media this week, resulting in numerous posts including a series of backstage fish slaps.

Rhys, who stars as King Arthur’s coconut-wielding manservant, admitted he was always a huge fan of Monty Python, and that playing Patsy in Spamalot was a dream come true.

He said: “For me, it’s like a dream every day, because I am right in the middle of the scenes I watched growing up.

“I used to have all the Monty Pythons on video, and I used to watch the films over and over again.

“So when I saw this was coming out again, and there were auditions for it, I thought I need to be in this.”

Rhys believes there was something extra-special about this particular, fourth-wall-busting production.

He said: “This version of the show, for me, captures the heart of the film, more than any other production that I’ve seen.

“We just have fun with every scene.”

When asked about his character, Rhys said: “I think Patsy is very happy in this show that he is doing something of importance, and it is something to do with the king.

“There is a lovely, unspoken friendship between King Arthur and Patsy, and that is what keeps Patsy going.”

The camaraderie between Bob and Rhys was just as tangible off stage as it was in front of the crowd, a genuine rapport strengthened by a deep appreciation and respect for each other’s craft.

On King Arthur, Bob said he was proud, sensible and irritable.

He added: “When King Arthur takes the quest on, it is of the utmost importance to him – it’s not through his lack of trying, but through the knights he picks up on the way that it all falls apart.

“He, himself, isn’t the bravest of people.

“He does mean well, but he probably does have a high opinion of himself.”

Experienced stage actor Bob believes that performing in a touring show helps keep things fresh, while being on tour meant the cast were a close-knit family.

This was obvious by the friendly banter between Bob and Rhys, as stage lines start creeping into everyday talk.

Rhys said: “Most of the time I call Bob ‘Sire’, yes, that has slipped into my general vernacular.”

Rhys even revealed that Bob was saved in his phone as ‘Sire’.

The two have taken their antics to the streets by parading down Wimbledon Broadway in costume, much to the delight of the public.

Rhys said: “The public are great because as it is such a well-known pairing, to see them running through your local street must be lovely treat for some people.”

The production has recently returned from a run in South Korea, where it was really well received.

Bob said: “Everyone was a bit unsure as to how it would go down, but at the end they loved it.

“We became kind of mini celebrities out there; it was really fun.”

Spamalot is showing at New Wimbledon Theatre until November 25.


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