Former Kooks star excited to produce original cast album for The Quentin Dentin Show

Ex-Kooks drummer Paul Garred  revealed a trip to see rock musical The Quentin Dentin Show in Kingston inspired him to produce the musical’s original album.

Paul, 32, was an original member of indie sensations the Kooks and now works on an eclectic portfolio of music from opera to musical theatre.

His most recent project aims to bring the weird and wonderful world of Hannah Elsy Production’s The Quentin Dentin Show to a wider audience by producing its studio album.

As producer, Paul explained his role was to facilitate the initial impression he’d had of the show when he first saw it as a student-led production in Kingston.

He said: “We went to Kingston on a Sunday to see the show, there was a handful of people in the audience and we watched this very embryonic production.

“The production made me laugh; that was my first impression.”

He added: “If we can facilitate that initial impression – which is the madness, the fun – we’re in a good spot.

“That’s always been my main aim, to make sure it’s still fun.”

He added: “I hope everyone who listens to this recording – and the people who’ve seen the show too – fall in love with it instantly, even if they don’t have a visual representation of it.”

Paul explained he had witnessed the show’s development from humble beginnings to West End hit.

He said: “Having seen the show in different points in its development over a three-year period, I am delighted to have been given the job of transferring the high-energy of the theatre production to an album, and giving the show a chance to be heard by a new audience across the world.”

When asked what drew him to the project, Paul confirmed it was a combination of the show’s underlying eccentric subtext and the interesting characterisation of its eponymous protagonist: Quentin Dentin.

Paul wanted to produce something with a lasting appeal but also with a multi-layered impact on listeners.

He said: “The core goal is to create a product which is addictive.”

He added: “The writing is fun and I hope I’ve added an extra 10% of madness.

“The listener can take it as something which is completely nuts and hilarious, or they can take a message from it.”

Paul also referred to the very close relationship between himself and the composer of the show’s original music, Henry Carpenter

Henry and Paul now work as an artistic duo, working on several different projects.

Henry said: “The album is already shaping up to be the best Dentin product we have ever produced. The songs have never sounded better than they already do now, halfway through the recording process.

“This will be the Sergeant Pepper or Demon Days of musical theatre albums – select according to your generation.”

The album will feature the West End cast from the Tristan Bates Theatre production of The Quentin Dentin Show, including Luke Lane as Quentin Dentin, with Shauna Riley, Max Panks and Lottie Daisy Francis.

Katie Ray, who has played Truly Scrumptious in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and Dyanne in Million Dollar Quartet, will be a new vocalist for the album.

Forming the band are guitarist Mickey Howard, drummer Archie Wolfman and on keys and synth Henry Carpenter.

Hannah Elsy Productions Limited will release the 14-16 track album on all major streaming and download platforms – the release date is yet to be confirmed.

There will also be a limited edition vinyl release, at a future date.


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