What are the best boutiques to visit in Chelsea?

Chelsea is well known for its beautiful walks along the Thames, exorbitant property prices, an inordinate number of chandelier shops as well as its famous football team.

Chelsea is the sum and total of all these things, but it’s also a well-trodden fashion district.

Given its proximity to the Fashion Institute of Technology, it’s hardly surprising that Chelsea is home to a number of vintage, mainstream and boutique clothing stores catering to the population, both local and far-flung.

What is surprising is that a number of these shops are still holding on in the age of e-commerce and online shopping. While upmarket retailers such as Peter Hahn have decided to model their businesses online completely, many of the top boutiques in Chelsea are still holding on to their brick and mortar locations to appeal to the inexorable foot traffic of the King’s Road.

The Shop at the Bluebird

The minimal and slightly sterile space of the Shop at Bluebird gives off all the vibes of a modern art gallery. There’s a good reason for this – it used to be an art gallery. With minimalist overtones and furniture and shelves made from raw, intentionally unfinished materials, the Bluebird stocks a wide yet curated range of quality, unique women’s clothing. It’s philosophy centres around matching affordable clothing with a number of high-end investment pieces bought to last, and is reflected in the designers it showcases as well as the pricing of the items.

Katie & Jo

Specialising in women’s clothing and accessories, Katie & Jo is located a little bit further down on New King’s Road. It stocks a huge range of clothing from a vast number of designers including accessories such as jewellery, bags, hats, scarves and sunglasses. For those who are unable to get down to South West London, Katie & Jo also has another store open down in Wandsworth on Bellevue Road.


Located directly on the King’s Road, Austique’s vision centres around more youthful and easy going clothing for women. This doesn’t detract from the quality, however. Austique sources its designs from the most innovative creators using only the most luxurious materials. Austique really is one of the best places to soak up all that Chelsea charm, but we highly recommend simply wandering around the area one day. By doing that, you may well find hidden gems that you’ll fall in love with.

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