The Han Jan Ran Show, second series: an audacious podcast to confront challenging times

A Balham woman, who set up her podcast The Han Jan Ran Show in the first national coronavirus lockdown after being diagnosed with epilepsy, is launching her second series next week.

Hannah Rankine, 30, started THE AUDACIOUS PODCAST while on furlough, after she contracted Covid-19 and then developed the neurological condition.

The podcast aims to celebrate those who defy the status quo to make positive change, and the process of making it has also helped Rankine adjust to life after her diagnosis.

Speaking about making the first series Rankine said: β€œI’m not great at resting, I love to be productive and doing something.

β€œIt is a creative pursuit but also requires pragmatism and operational thought as well.

β€œSo the podcast was the perfect thing to consume my time as I was adjusting to the medication.”

As well as giving her the time to create the show, Rankine also believes the shared experience of lockdown helped her connect with guests and topics.

Rankine said: β€œI think it has had a ripple effect across a myriad of subjects.

β€œIf you look the conversation that we’ve had as a country about race, because we have been forced to slow down, there’s been more time and energy dedicated to these social justice issues.

β€œIt feels more relevant than ever to be having these conversations.”

Hannah Rankine had wanted to start a podcast for a couple of years before lockdown gave her the time to flesh out her ideas

In her first series, Rankine interviewed a youth worker and writer based in south London, a vegan business owner, a charity founder, a cancer survivor and also her Mum.

Introducing her Mum onto the show in Ep 14, Rankine says: “Every person that I have interviewed has inspired me and taught me but none have shaped me like this woman.”

She has formed the audacious part of my soul.”

Reflecting on the episode with her Mum, Rankine said: β€œIt literally trumped all the other episodes, it was so popular so I had to get her back on.”

The first episode of the new series comes out on Thursday 26th November and will feature a role reversal with Megan interviewing her daughter.

On the other episodes in the second series, Rankine said: β€œI’m interviewing a sex therapist and mental health counsellor, and also a beautiful class size model who will be talking about social media and how we consume content that makes us feel more seen.

β€œI’m really excited to put them all out.”

The podcast is called The Han Jan Ran Show: The Audacious Podcast and can be found on all the major platforms, including Apple and Spotify.

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