REVIEW: “Oh bother, we forgot about the gays” – Bridgerton has sold the LQBTQ+ community short

Dearest gentle readers, has one watched the second series of Bridgerton yet? 

Then may I present you with my opinion.

But first, a question for Netflix and all the other producers of the show (I’m looking at you in particular, Chris Van Dusen).

How could season two of Bridgerton possibly have become less gay than the first season? I’m so disappointed.

It’s bad enough that LGBTQ members felt queerbaited by the season one trailer alone, now it’s as though the show has taken a step backwards by totally erasing queerness altogether.

In a period drama that has rewritten history to be racially inclusive, I ask, why not rewrite it to be inclusive of gay people too?

Are we just supposed to forget that season one saw Benedict Bridgerton teetering on the edge of an identity crisis – I mean, I for one thought he was at least going to explore his sexuality.

But come season two, he was bewildered by breasts (can’t blame him though) – and just like that, his gay character potential snuffed, along with any hope for a gay storyline.

There tis not one logical reason for this absence of same-sex romance. 

Lady Whistledown, your next scandalous pamphlet needs to denounce the outrageous behaviour of your writers before anything else.

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