COMMENT: Turbulent couple give Made in Chelsea viewers a treat

Made in Chelsea viewers were in for a treat when a married proposal graced our screens recently. The entire series had been leading up to this moment-  Maeva is going to pop the question to James.

Since the beginning we’ve seen the back and forth argument of engagement between this turbulent couple, with James wanting to savour his youth and Maeva desperate to settle down. The gang headed up north to Yorkshire, which Maeva had organised, in order to ask the big question.

First of all, it was an utterly bizarre group. From Maeva’s ex Miles to Sam Prince, this wasn’t exactly the circle in which the viewers would have in mind for a hopeful celebration. Ultimately it was a total producer’s curation, but I’m not complaining. 

This may come as a big time spoiler alert, but James’s rejection to the proposal was arguably the most cringe-worthy and brutal television scene ever broadcasted. Whilst Maeva’s determination and bravery to get down on one knee was pretty girlboss, James had expressed his disinterest in marriage just yet. I mean, what did she expect?

Let’s focus on James’s reaction in the aftermath of the big N-O. Firstly, going straight to Digby and Tristain were definitely two of the worst characters to find comfort in. Secondly, the misogynistic tones of his reaction were oozing through the screen. Fair enough if he didn’t want to commit to her just yet, but he repeatedly said “as if I’m going to let my girlfriend propose to me. I’m obviously going to be the one to propose to her.”

All this time I’ve felt bad for James and appreciated how he puts up with Maeva’s unhinged antics, however his reaction reflected a fragile masculinity that I hadn’t seen before. Perhaps Miles and Maeva are meant to be after all.

Meanwhile, another relationship fell flat. Sam Prince and Inga have been on rocky territory for the last few episodes, but the trip to Yorkshire finalises everything for Princey. After making peace (and more) with Verity, Inga pulled the plug with Princey, but is left friendless and manless. 

I think what this episode taught me more than anything was to always put your girlfriends first. Emily and Ruby rushed to Maeva’s side when James rejected her proposal, and Inga is an idiot for sacrificing her friendships over Sam Prince. 

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