Introducing Groupie: a new music and culture magazine

Groupie Magazine, London’s most exciting music and culture magazine, burst onto the scene in late 2020 as the world – and the music industry – awoke from its covid-enduced slumber. 

Through a string of online streamed performances, with the live scene still yet to recover, Groupie sprang from the ashes of lockdown to seize a hold on London’s burgeoning underground music scene. 

At its head, is creator, writer and photographer Willow Shields. 

When asked why Shields decided to start Groupie, she said: “In an industry so saturated with amazing talented women, I felt like a lot of the big magazines had become boys clubs. I really wanted to start something that allowed women to break into the industry, something I hadn’t had.” 

Eighteen months later, Groupie has now flourished into a team of Women who have taken the London music scene by storm, combining their individual expertise in fashion, art and photography.

Shields discussed the importance of the creative arts for Groupie.

She said:  “Another huge part of Groupie is to give different creatives a platform, music isn’t just about music anymore. It’s the whole ecosystem of fashion, art, everything – I think it’s important not to overlook that.”

Once lockdown calmed and live music returned to venues across the country, Groupie took off.

The magazine was selling out venues in London and Brighton, championing not only the up-and-coming talent that took to the stage, but the creatives that stood beside it.

Shields added: “There’s so many people out there who make life changing music who never even get a shot because the industry’s so saturated.”

Groupie Magazine Volume 1 was released late last year, and is available now at https://groupiemagazine.bigcartel.com,  or you can pick it up at the next live show.

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