Colourful oil paintings and sculptures at the Affordable Art Fair Battersea

Affordable Art Fair Battersea: Review

The Affordable Art Fair returned to Battersea Park this week with thousands of artworks on display for art amateurs and fanatics to enjoy.

The first gallery-led fair back in the UK was launched on Wednesday 7th July and SWL went to their late-night opening on Thursday 8th July.

A nice stroll through Battersea Park takes you to the fair which is just a stone’s throw from the train station and in sight of the iconic power station.

As you walk into the cavernous event space at the Evolution, you are greeted with a balloon arch, a temperature scan, NHS check-in and then stairs to walk up to a bar area where you can order drinks and snacks to your table via a QR code.

You can also order your complimentary delectable Campari Gin & Tonic in the same way, hail down a server pushing a trolley laden with Nice canned wine and enjoy a panoramic view of the different galleries while enjoying your refreshing beverages.

CAMPARI & GIN: A match made in heaven, a complimentary cocktail enjoyed at the Affordable Art Fair Bar

DJ Eddie Otchere’s tunes added to the relaxed atmosphere which all combined set the mood perfectly for a long-awaited buzzing cultural event.

Overall, there were 73 galleries showing a variety of artists all arranged down wide aisles to encourage social distancing and masks were compulsory throughout.

I was fascinated to see so many different types and subjects of art from life-sized fabric ostriches, to glassware, butterfly paper sculptures, abstract oil paintings and realistic prints.

It was made even more special because there has not been a similar art fair in so long, with gallerists, artists and visitors alike visibly keen to walk around, take everything in and discuss everything under the artistic sun.

OSTRICH ART: a life-sized ostrich made by Josh Gluckstein was at the centre of the Affordable Art Fair Battersea

For anyone thinking of visiting with their furry friend, I also saw a fair few cultural canines taking in the works so it seemed to be a dog-friendly space.

Speaking of furry friends, seeing the menagerie of animals made from recycled materials by Josh Gluckstein was a real highlight.

From Asian elephant and llama heads sticking out of the wall, to a life-size cardboard Galapagos turtle, his stall really stood out.

I also appreciated taking in the London landscapes and prints by Emma Reynolds, international oil paintings by Andrew Hooper and the aboriginal artworks from the Rebecca Hossack gallery.

Hamish the dog going around the Affordable Art Fair Battersea.
CANINES LOVE CULTURE: Hamish thoroughly enjoyed the affordable artworks on display

There truly seemed to be something for everyone and a very inclusive and open attitude all around.

With the price tag between £50 and £6000 for an original piece, you could see the infectious thrill of people making purchases, having them taken off the wall and wrapped up to go.

The Affordable Art Fair is running until Sunday 11 July and is well worth a trip even just to absorb the amazing range of creativity under one roof.

Tickets can be bought in advance at affordableartfair.com.

All photos taken by Ella Sagar.

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