The new gaming venues to visit in London

As one of the major metropolitan hubs of the world, London has a huge amount to offer, from Michelin star restaurants and world cuisines, to a rich cultural heritage with listed buildings and world class architecture.

It’s also a great place to visit for a celebration such as as stag do, birthday trip or other special occasion, with many exciting casinos, bars and other entertainment venues that make for a memorable vacation.

If gaming venues are what you are looking for in London then you’ve come to the right place as London is nothing short of casinos, sports betting facilities, upscale poker rooms and much more.

While there are some old classics like that of the exclusive Ritz hotel or the Mayfair in one of the most exclusive postcodes, there’s also a selection of fantastic new venues to check out too.

Below, we’ll take a look at some of the newest gaming venues that you must check out on any visit to London.

In fact, if you’re a resident then these new gaming venues should definitely be on your radar too. Let’s get stuck in.


Located inside Brunswick shopping center, Funland is a newer venue that was previously located inside ‘The Troc’ and closed down in 2011 so that it could be relocated.

Unlike other typical arcade and gaming venues that have dark walls and carpets, Funland features a different and unique design where it is located inside a converted River Island store.

The creators of Funland chose to keep the previous store decor with its hard floor and bright airy walls to create a more open and light feel to the venue, unlike others that can appear to be dingy.

Reviews of the venue have hinted at a refreshing atmosphere for an arcade.

As for the games, Funland features London’s largest collection of Pinball machines, as well as an exotic collection of Japanese dance machines which offer a world of fun for Londoners and tourists alike.

Rumour has it that there’s a whole community of competitive dancers who take these Japanese dance machines rather seriously.

One of the best things about this venue is that it has close ties with Great Ormond Street Children’s hospital, as well as supporting other local charities in the area. It’s definitely worth a visit if you are into arcade style games.

The Hippodrome Casino

The Hippodrome Casino is one of the newer venues in London and offers a wealth of entertainment as part of a large complex.

Located at the heart of the action in Leicester Square, the casino has over 1,500 slot machines, as well as the latest state of the art gaming technologies, table games, poker rooms and much more.

If you’re wanting to make a day or an evening of visiting this venue then there’s also a number of luxury restaurants inside, including Heliot Steak House which has a very high rating among locals.

Online casinos

Of course, there is also the option of playing at an online casino if you’ve had a busy day of exploring the city and would prefer to stay in your hotel room.

Why not run yourself a bubble bath, order room service and settle in for the evening with a top quality online casino on your smartphone or tablet.

Bally Casino games is a top online casino that has a huge variety of classic and new casino games on offer.

The site has a fantastic offer for new players where you can deposit £10 and get 30 free spins, making your bankroll go even further and promising even more gaming fun.

Ballie Ballerson

Located in the up and coming Shoreditch area of London, Ballie Ballerson is unlike any other gaming venue and has a unique concept.

This ball pit cocktail bar features two huge ball pits designed especially for fun loving adults, in addition to giant CO2 cannons, a private karaoke room that’s ideal to rent out for parties and other private events, as well as exciting bottomless brunches.

And if that isn’t enough, why not hit up one of London’s fantastic casino venues after a session at Ballie Ballerson for the ultimate night out.

Overall, there are a whole range of fantastic gaming venues across London, from elaborate casinos where you can dress up and go all out, to exclusive poker rooms where membership is required, exotic arcade venues that offer something different to the usual basketball machines and claw machine games, and even exciting gaming bars.

Whether you’re a resident in London or are just visiting for a short time, there’s a wealth of things to do for all different kinds of people.

Photo by Charles Postiaux on Unsplash

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