Radio Lockdown

Junodream had big plans for 2020. 

It was going to be their year of live performances: they weren’t going to do any big music releases and instead were going to focus on playing as many gigs as possible. 

The year started well for them. 

The five-piece, who describe their sound as ‘space-rock’, kicked off a European tour in Hamburg, Germany before moving on to the Netherlands. 

It was while they were there that the COVID-19 pandemic began to sweep the continent.

Junodream postponed the rest of their tour and came home to the UK to the life of lockdowns and social distancing we are all now used to.

And the rest is history. Or is it?

A year into the pandemic, how have the UK’s up and coming bands been coping?

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Featured image credit: Ned Botwood, Tom Box, Matthew Cooper

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