Ellie Taylor out to hit the heights in UK tour

Comedian Ellie Taylor, star of ‘Snog Marry Avoid’, has admitted her latest UK tour is inspired by her current predicament over having a baby

New tour ‘This Guy’ was a sell-out during the Edinburgh Fringe, and Ellie also performed at the prestigious Pleasance venue which is the pinnacle for comedians. She will take her new show to Leicester Square Theatre on November 3.

Her previous shows were inspired by the thought of getting married and were an hilarious take on  married life and how she now wished that she had slept with more guys when she was single.  Her husband was apparently ‘delighted’ by this.

“My shows have so far tended to be about what stage I am in my life.  This one is about the supposed next step: the pressure to have a baby.  The problem is, I have the maternal instinct of a pitta bread.  Now all of my friends are shooting out kids,” said Ellie.

Ellie shot to fame with her hit BBC show which focused on converting ‘slap addicts’ in the UK into ‘natural beauties’ by taking away their outlandish clothing and layers of makeup, in turn giving them a ‘makeunder.’

Whilst many people will recognise her from that shows, what they will not realise is that she is an established stand-up comic who represents a no-holds barred depiction of her daily life.

The comedian has plied her trade up and down the country for a number of years, performing at some of the largest and most prestigious venues.

“My most memorable gig was performing BBC’s ‘Live at the Apollo’ at Hammersmith last year. What a venue!  Whatever happens in the future, even if I end up being the world’s worst PA again, I am so proud that I got to walk on that incredible stage and that my parents were in the audience to see me do it,” said the comedian.

She approaches potentially touchy subjects in a clever, relaxed and witty manner that will leave her audience in stitches.

Ellie herself describes her show as, “an evening out of the house where a tall lady, who looks a bit like Steve Tyler from Aerosmith, will be a complete moron for your entertainment.  The added bonus is a guest appearance by Mr Harry Styles.  This bit is not strictly true, but I’m trying to get it #trending.”

Having seen Ellie perform, she will not need the ‘One Direction’ star to see her own star rise.

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