Backyard Cinema returns to Wandsworth

As lockdown restrictions ease, Backyard Cinema in Wandsworth reopens its doors to offer a unique, themed cinema experience.

Having started out literally in the founders’ backyard, the company then set up their first permanent venue in Mercato Metropolitano before finding their current home at Capital Studios in 2019.

Backyard Cinema is no usual movie theatre. Whether transporting you to a tropical rainforest, a Christmassy snow kingdom or a zombie apocalypse, the cinema provides magical, nostalgic settings to enjoy your favourite classic films.

South West Londoner went along to the ‘LA Nights’ screening of Greatest Showman, taking us on a journey from a Wandsworth back street to the dazzling lights of Los Angeles.

As we arrived, we entered an airport lobby where you present your ticket before boarding the ‘flight’.

We were greeted by a friendly cabin crew who instructed us to strap ourselves in before performing an energetic dance show down the aisle – unlike any flight we’ve been on before!

PARTY PLANE: Not your usual flight across the Atlantic…

Once the flight ‘landed’, we were led through a tunnel to the impressive screen room, which was littered with LA-themed props and lights strung along the ceiling.

Backyard Cinema take their themes seriously. Tonnes of sand covered the floor of the screen room, making it an interesting experience for anyone unfortunate enough to be wearing heels.

Elaborate set designs adorned either side of the screen and squishy sofas allowed us to lounge back to enjoy the film in comfort.

The experience was not over yet: the theatrical flight attendants returned with a short routine and there were light shows to accompany the film’s most dramatic moments.

The other themed event currently running is Miami Nights, which takes you through a bright Flamingo Bar before you settle down in the screen room.

BEACH BAR: Treat yourself to a glass of prosecco at the Miami Nights’ Flamingo Bar

Capital Studios provides Backyard Cinema with a large and beautiful venue space, opening out onto a courtyard where you can sample cocktails, artisan pizza, food from Honest Burgers and more.

Dominic Davies, founder and creative director of Backyard Cinema, said: “It is fantastic to be able to reopen and invite people back to Backyard Cinema and to reunite our community once again at Capital Studios.

“Our cinematic experiences will return bigger and better, and we are thrilled to be showing new releases alongside our very favourite classic films.

“This summer we are turning Backyard Cinema into the ultimate holiday destination, with two huge indoor beaches, and with cocktails around every corner we’ve got you covered this summer!”

You can book your summer cinema experience at Backyard Cinema here.

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