Santino Le Saint: A Rockstar In The Making

Santino Le Saint has been compared to Jimmy Hendrix and plays guitar just like the rock legend.

Following the release of his latest album Beautiful Disaster, Santino is gearing up for his UK and Europe Tour.

Santino is no stranger to shaking up the music world. 

For Santino, exposure to a variety of genres is second nature. 

He is an artist like no other.

Santino Le Saint is what you get when RnB meets Rock and his fast becoming UK’s most exciting and unpredictable artist.

The Brixton-born guitarist credits Linkin Park, Nirvana, as early influencers and points to Jimmy Hendrix, James Brown, and Frank Ocean for forming his contemporary sound. A sound infused with sultry instrumentals, laced with hip-hop energy and gritty electric rock solos to form his distinctive sound.

Santino Le Saint is setting himself apart musically and has finessed the art of merging a kaleidoscope of musical genres While each genre is undoubtedly recognisable, each song feels new, offering soulful vocals over smooth synths and perfectly placed guitar solos.

It’s little surprise the 24-year-old hails from a musically talented family. 

The son of Charlie Parker of legendary Hip-Hop group 57th Dynasty, nominated for Best Hip-Hop act at the 1999 MOBO Awards,  Santino was exposed to music from a young age, and learnt to play guitar aged eight.

Santino’s latest album Beautiful Disaster consists of 12-tracks and explores themes of teenage angst, troubled souls, and heartbreak. 

When we sit down to chat, the 24-year-old shows up looking like part of a fashion collective. He’s wearing an all-black assemble, black bomber jacket, jeans, hoodie, and matching black beanie hat, and takes off his sunglasses to greet me. Santino is a ball of energy.

Describing his sound, Santino said: “A lot of people think of me as Trap-Rock, but I’m so hard to box in. The biggest thing for me was pushing musicality. Telling a story that’s familiar to people.”

He continues:  “I always wanted to make an RnB Rock album. The album is a chronological, love story. I called it Beautiful Disaster. So many things in life are beautiful disasters. To me, it symbolises the perfection of imperfection. Two people who are together, are a beautiful disaster.”

The label’s creative director and founder of CloudX, Ben Cross, 26, showers Saintino’s album with praise.

He said: “I’m so proud of what we have working together. Beautiful Disaster is an album like no other. with songs you’ll find yourself playing over and over again. This one excites me.”

Santino Le Saint admits his music flows from a dark place. It’s his awareness of these feelings and relationship with that darkness is what allows him to write such vivid songs.

I wrap up by asking what part of the music process excites him most. 

He replies.“More than the live performances, it’s the written stage I love, that’s what I live for. It’ll start after a thought I had, or something someone said to me. It’s not until I put the guitar down or the cords down that I’m like yep, that’s it!”

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