Gatsby’s Greatest Party: immersive theatre production becomes longest-running in UK

Three years after it was first conceived, The Great Gatsby has become the longest-running immersive theatre production in the UK.

Having first been performed in York, The Guild of Misrule’s retelling of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s iconic novel has been on night-after-night at Gatsby’s Drugstore in London since June last year and has proved immensely popular.

The emerging style sees the audience invited to take an active role in the performance by dressing up and engaging their dancing shoes.

“With our iteration of The Great Gatsby, the plan was simple,” said producer Hook.

“Take the rich fusion of dancing, sex, lust, hate, passion and greed, hot jazz and a never-quenched thirst for excess, and then explode that narrative over an entire building.

“Gatsby has proved itself to be a phenomenon, inviting our audiences directly in to an experience, something they can get dressed up and throw themselves into, and we are damn proud of every audience member who accepts Mr Gatsby’s invitation to join his little parties.”

Since its conception by Hook and director Alexander Wright, 284 performances have taken place at their London Bridge venue, with more than 38,000 tickets sold.

Worldwide there have been 525 performances watched by more than 75,000 people and most strikingly, 52,555 shots of gin have been served.

Running until December, tickets can be purchased from www.immersivegatsby.com

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