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  1. Joy Jones
    December 30, 2015 @ 10:14 pm

    Joanna Lumley – this is total hypocrisy…her quote about Lambeth being a ‘poor council’…not surprised as she and Boris Johnson plus Thomas Heatherwick have levered 30 million of public funds from Lambeth council plus another £30 million quid of pubic funds for a ‘vanity project’ the Garden Bridge…and more shockingly… their ‘SEXED UP’ PR machine stated ‘we got 80% of Londoners support for the Garden Bridge being built’….. WRONG…. surprising how figures can be manipulate…. WELL let’s just look at the official facts…. THE REALITY what support did this famous trio actually get – just look (google) the Official Steer Davies Gleave Garden Bridge Consultation Analysis of responses Final Report Feb 2014 The FACTS are – the Garden Bridge consultation was held between the 1st November and 20 December 2013. TAKE A DEEP BREATHE….
    In total there were 2,451 responses to the consultation. Of these, 2,424 responses were from members of the public and 27 were provided by stakeholders. AND NOT all of these supported the Garden Bridge. It beggars belief that LESS than 2,451 people officially supported this planning application going forward and levered £60 million pounds of public monies…. She needs to be ‘outed’ …… Don’t be hoodwinked…. people’s person she is NOT……