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  1. Matt Dowse
    December 12, 2015 @ 9:34 am

    Sporting intensification…?! Anyway, there’s not a lot of support from local residents (mainly Wandsworth), not because of the 600+ new homes (which is a positive) or the 25,000 seater stadium (which could also be a positive), but the lack of infrastructure around it.
    St George’s Hospital is just around the corner and Garratt Lane is gridlocked twice a day before the additional traffic arrives.
    There seems to be no provision for GP surgery to ease the pressure on already stretched local services.
    Only 100 or so car parking spaces for 600+ homes is a gamble to say the least, the text in the report stating ‘the local area will absorb the excess’. There is provisoion for parking for the stadium other than coach parking.
    There have been issues lately with the high levels of the River Wandle, the plans don’t seem to take in to consideration the fact that this site is on the banks of that river and will be affected by, as well as effect, those river levels.
    Very few (in fact none that I’ve talked to – I realise that’s not exactly a comprehensive survey!) Wandsworth residents were aware of the meeting taking place. Apparently notice was sent out – would love to know areas where these were sent.