Roger Federer

Roger Federer’s lasting Wimbledon legacy

Roger Federer has retired from professional tennis, marking the end of a 24-year career that saw him win 20 grand slam trophies and over 100 ATP Tour titles.

Until 2020, Federer held the men’s record for the highest number of grand slam wins, outstripping his idol, Pete Sampras whose initial count of 14 was once deemed almost untouchable.  

Paul Boffa, head coach at Sheen Lawn Tennis & Squash Club said: “From a personal point of view, Federer was the greatest of all time in terms of what he has done for the game as a whole.

“He has an aurora of greatness around him.”

At Wimbledon in particular, the Swiss champion set a precedent.

Federer won the Championships eight times with his first victory coming in 2003 at the age of 21.

This win was a turning point in Federer’s career and in the years that followed, he pushed tennis to unbelievable heights, setting a standard that inspired the next generation of players to come.

Wimbledon Chairman, Ian Hewitt said “On behalf of everyone at the All England Club, I would like to congratulate Roger on a truly remarkable career.

“He will forever be celebrated as one of our greatest Wimbledon champions.

“I hope that, in retirement, Roger can look back with enormous satisfaction and pride on all his accomplishments and the high esteem in which he is held by the tennis community.”

Federer’s success at Wimbledon has also had an impact on tennis clubs across the London area, with the Swiss champion having played a vital role in growing tennis and influencing the way that the sport is coached.

Highbury Fields tennis coach, John Paul Mbaka said “Federer to me as a coach changed the game.

“He made it more elegant and stylish.

“On coaching courses, they always use Federer’s technique.”

Twickenham LTC sign
Roger Federer’s lasting legacy: His game still inspires coaching at Twickenham LTC image credit: Olivia Christie

Andrea Costello, head of coaching at Twickenham Lawn Tennis Club, said: “A lot of adults love the way that Federer plays and want to copy him.

“He’s definitely a legend”

She also spoke of the way she likes to talk about Federer’s calm attitude and behaviour in her coaching sessions for juniors.

Therefore, although Federer has now stepped back from professional tennis, his lasting impact on the sport will certainly live on, particularly in the South West London area.

Image: Tatiana @Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0)

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