Maggie Alphonsi praises RFU for contributing to ‘momentum shift’ in women’s sport

Maggie Alphonsi, who won the 2014 Rugby World Cup with England, says women’s sport has gone from being largely ignored to something that everyone wants to be a part of.

Alphonsi, who retired in 2014 following her success with England, believes women’s rugby is now in a great place and the RFU has contributed to that.

“You have to applaud the RFU for making sure the women do play at Twickenham, particularly in double-headers after the men, like when they play Australia in November,” she said.

She added: “The whole thread of England rugby runs through every gender, every person, you feel like you’re part of the clubhouse.

“There’s been this fantastic range of successes in women’s rugby. We won the World Cup in 2014, then the sport turned professional. I think what’s great is women’s rugby is becoming even more competitive. In France, New Zealand, Scotland, it’s good to see the women’s game is growing.”

Speaking at an event announcing the new restaurants that are opening at Twickenham stadium, the former England star said she has noticed the rise in women’s sport in recent years and is happy to be a part of it.

She said: “I have seen a massive momentum in women’s rugby and women’s sport in general.

“I think every sport has had to go along with it, whether it’s rugby, football, cricket, hockey, netball as well, there’s been a momentum shift.

“There was a point where people knew women played these sports but never really took them into consideration.

“Now, I think everyone wants to be a part of it, whether it be a spectator when we won commonwealth gold in the netball, the hockey when we won gold in 2016, the cricket win at the world cup.”

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