London Barbershop brothers aim to continue community work

London Barberhood is aiming to spread its community roots after opening a second barbershop in Tooting this month.

Since opening their first barbershop in Pop Brixton in 2015, cousins Kris, 33, and Ben Theophanous, 35, have sought to give back to the local area and community.

It’s that relationship with the community that they believe makes London Barberhood unique.

Mr Theophanous said: “Our business is one that really believes in working with the local community.

“To give back, to support and to provide opportunities.”

At their new shop in Upper Tooting Road, which opened on March 1, the cousins are already looking at ways they can get involved in the Wandsworth community too.

The pair have already spoken to local councillors in Wandsworth and have been in contact with the Mosaic Clubhouse, which supports people suffering with mental health problems.

In Brixton, the cousins were involved with community programmes such as the Evelyn Grace Academy and aim to have 25% of their staff coming from apprenticeships.

They have also have been involved with the Prince’s Trust and proudly display artwork from Lambeth Art College in their Brixton shop.

“We want to work with local charities, we want to work with local schools and local colleges in any way we can,” said Mr Theophanous.

“We’re trying to help people connect more with their local community.”

Coming from three generations of barbers from Cyprus and latterly Putney, Kris and Ben want to restore the barbershop as a community hub.

The pair want to replicate a barbershop where people come to experience something more than a quick cut and trim, much like their father’s barbershops in Chiswick and Battersea.

Barbershops have become a place based on a quick transaction, something Mr Theophanous is trying to shift away from.

“Barbershops used to be a place where people would come and hang out,” said Mr Theophanous.

“We want to try and bring back and those values.”

The cousins are very aware that in today’s culture, people don’t have too much spare time.

However, they aim to have a place where people can come to chat, relax and interact with each other.

It’s an idea they think they can spread throughout London, indeed, they are already looking to expand into south-east London.

Further down the road, they want to take London Barberhood internationally but still want to keep their community ideals.

As Mr Theophanous states on their website: “We created London Barberhood not only to re-imagine traditional barbering services but to involve and inspire the local community.”

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