London VI Futsal Team A have flying start to new season, winning partially sighted football league Open Cup

London VI Futsal Team A got their league campaign off to a flying start, winning the partially sighted football league Open Cup in Hereford on Saturday.

Last season’s Division One champions defeated last year’s Division Two winners North West Scorpions 4-1 in the final to claim the first piece of silverware of the new season.

The two teams competed in a round robin group stage with Hampshire Bats, RNC Bulls, London B, Sporting Albion and Loughborough.

All teams played each other once during the group stage with the top four teams progressing to the semi-finals.

North West Scorpions remained unbeaten to finish top of the group stage scoring an impressive 28 goals in six games.

The Scorpions were joined in the semi-finals by London A, RNC Bulls and Loughborough.

In the first semi-final Scorpions defeated Loughborough 3-1 to progress to the final.

Meanwhile the second semi-final between London and RNC was a much closer affair.

With the teams level at 1-1 after full time, the match was decided by penalties.

London proved to be clinical from the spot and won 3-2 on penalties to reach the final.

The Londoners went on to outclass Scorpions in the final winning 4-1 to secure the cup.

London will be looking to continue their good form when the league season starts on the 11th October in Birmingham.

Partially sighted football is played by individuals with a visual impairment who have a sight classification ranging from B1 to B4.

The game is played5 a side, indoors to the rules of futsal.

The national partially sighted football league consists of two divisions and there are two cup tournaments every season. Games are played once a month at futsal centres in Birmingham or Hereford.

Group Stage

Each team played each other once during this group stage. The top 4 teams would progress to the semi-finals.


  • North West Scorpions: 1, Loughborough: 1
  • Hampshire Bats: 0, North West Scorpions: 10
  • London A: 7, Sporting Albion: 0
  • London B: 0, North West Scorpions: 8
  • RNC Bulls: 0, North West Scorpions: 2
  • Hampshire Bats: 0, London B: 3
  • Loughborough: 1, London A: 5
  • North West Scorpions: 2, London A: 1
  • Sporting Albion: 4, London B: 0
  • Sporting Albion: 1, RNC Bulls: 3
  • Hampshire Bats: 1, Sporting Albion: 5
  • London A: 2, RNC Bulls: 0
  • London B: 0, Loughborough: 4
  • RNC Bulls: 4, Loughborough: 3
  • Hampshire Bats: 0, London A: 7
  • Loughborough: 3, Sporting Albion: 2
  • Sporting Albion: 1, North West Scorpions: 5
  • RNC Bulls: 4, London B: 0
  • Hampshire Bats: 0, RNC Bulls: 5
  • Hampshire Bats: 1, Loughborough: 6
  • London A: 3, London B: 0


  1. North West Scorpions, Points: 16
  2. London A, Points: 15
  3. RNC Bulls, Points: 12
  4. Loughborough, Points: 10
  5. Sporting Albion, Points: 6
  6. London B, Points: 3
  7. Hampshire Bats, Points: 0


North West Scorpions, London A, Loughborough and RNC Bulls progressed to the semi-finals.


  • London A: 1, RNC Bulls: 1

London A won 3-2 on penalties.

  • North West Scorpions: 3, Loughborough:1


  • North West Scorpions: 1, London A: 4

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