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Wimbledon 2023 new broadcasting team announced

There is nothing like playing at Wimbledon; you can feel the footprints of the legends of the game-men and women that have graced these courts. – Venus Williams

Wimbledon is, beyond the shadow of a doubt, the biggest tennis tournament of the year.

It has the longest history (dating back to 1877) and a rich and deeply rooted tradition.

Even if this weren’t the case, the fact that the tournament’s prize money nearly tripled in the last decade would be enough to draw the attention of some of the best tennis players in the world.

The tournament takes place at the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club in Wimbledon, London, and this year, it starts on Monday, July 3.

While some people will be privileged to go to the stadium and watch the tournament live, others must settle for the broadcast.

Sure, some people watch everything from the first-round matches to the trophy award, while others just monitor the results and highlights at the end of the day.

This is why tennis enthusiasts around the globe care so deeply about the broadcasting team. As it turns out, the broadcasting team for Wimbledon 2023 has recently been announced.

For many regulars, Sue Barker was the face and the voice of Wimbledon for decades. Baker, however, retired last year and is to be replaced by Clare Balding.

Unlike Barker, who, at one point, reached the ranking of World No. 3 in tennis, Balding has no history in this sport.

However, it’s unlikely that BBC could find a more seasoned broadcaster. Balding comes from a well-known sporting dynasty (mostly in horse racing and polo), giving her a decent understanding of competition on this level.

Balding has collaborated with the tournament, fronting Today at Wimbledon, since 2015. For most people who follow this sport/tournament, the choice of Clare Balding as the next leading broadcaster was only logical.

Balding will also be joined by many former Wimbledon winners, like:

  • John McEnroe
  • Martina Navratilova
  • Pat Cash
  • Billie Jean King

Last year, there was talk about Roger Federer, the eight-time Wimbledon champion, joining the cast, but it won’t happen this year. Hopefully, next year.

The lineup will also be joined by Sania Mirza, Anne Keothavong, Johanna Konta, Annabel Croft, and Tim Henman.

Now, the roster is as strong as ever for those who are a bit more in the know and worry about the expert analysis.

With John Lloyd, Louise Pleming, Jo Durie, Peter Fleming, Liz Smylie, Nick Monroe, Arvind Parmar, Leon Smith, Todd Woodbridge, Dominic Inglot, and Colin Flemming, the analytical side of the broadcast definitely won’t falter.

So, if you’re looking to place a bet on a few matches, there will be no shortage of trustworthy information to guide your choices. An updated list of trusted sites will further ensure that you choose the right platform with the best odds, based on the experts’ analysis.

As far as the commentary cast goes, the list of presenters is quite impressive, with:

  • Andrew Castle
  • Andrew Cotter
  • Sam Smith
  • Chris Bradnam
  • Kat Downes
  • Nick Mullins
  • Matt Chilton,
  • Simon Reed
  • John Inverdale
  • Ronald McIntosh
  • Alison Mitchell
  • James Burridge
  • Abigail Johnson
  • Andy Stevenson
  • Paul Hand
  • Nick Lester
  • Pete Odgers
  • David Law

For the first-timers confused by the number of broadcasters, it’s worth pointing out that, at Wimbledon, 675 matches get played in just two weeks.

In other words, achieving this will take a gargantuan effort, even with such an impressive broadcasting team.

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