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Premier League gets set for final weekend before World Cup hiatus

Match Day for Week 16

The 16th week of the Premier League gets going this weekend as players prepare themselves for the upcoming 2022 World Cup.

Arsenal has maintained its stronghold at the top of the table.

The gunners have relied on heavy scoring to get them where they are. They have outscored their opponents 31-11 so far. Arsenal will face the unmotivated Wolves this weekend. 

Premier League predictions may rely on an offensive focus, and you can set yourself up for disaster if you lose that spark. This is exactly what has seemed to happen at Manchester City.

Erling Haaland has had an unbelievable season for this team. Recently, he has struggled with injury, and his impact is now even more evident. 

Although this team is 3-0 in November, things just don’t seem the same for this team. Newcastle United has had an improbable run so far, with a current place of 3rd in the table.

The key to this team’s success is handling their business. Newcastle has dominated the inferior competition. While it sounds easy, many other teams across the league cannot say the same. 

This club has also proven itself competitive against the top echelon of the league. Newcastle finished 3-3 against Manchester City, 0-0 against Manchester United, and a 2-1 win over Tottenham.

Newcastle will face another tough test vs. Chelsea this weekend. You can find one of the best for this weekend at 

World Cup 2022

This year’s edition of the World Cup is happening at a rather odd time of the year. Fans and players are accustomed to the World Cup being played over the summer.

However, the World Cup is in Qatar this year which is known for its detrimental heat waves. 

The decision was made to protect the players from any heat-related illnesses. With this being done, soccer leagues such as the Premier League will be paused for the next month and a half.

This will be the last week of all club competitions as players will begin joining their national teams. 

The Premier League picks will have a huge portion of players taking part in the 2022 World Cup. 123 players from the Premier League have been chosen to represent their country in the event.

Manchester City leads all clubs in the Premier League, with 16 players earning a bid. Manchester United sits close behind with 14 players, and Tottenham behind them with 11. 

It will be a usual showing of Premier League talent in the World Cup. One star that will not be competing is Erling Haaland.

Haaland will be taking a break from play as he will be transported off-shore with his fellow teammates. Hopefully, he will be well-rested and healthy following this much-needed hiatus. 

Brazil and Argentina are the current favourites to bring home the World Cup trophy in 2022. Brazil sits at +400 odds, while Argentina is at +550.

There are over 10 players from the Premier League that will be a part of this Brazil squad. Gabriel Jesus from Arsenal should prove to be a huge asset to this squad.

Argentina has five representatives from the Premier League, with Julian Alvarez (Manchester City) highlighting the group. 

The top teams across the world are loaded with Premier League talent. You can expect to see many of these names all over the scoresheet throughout this event.

This World Cup is proving to be yet another stage for Premier League talent.

With names like Ronaldo, De Bruyne, and Jesus, you cannot expect anything less. You can just about guarantee at least one Premier League player will be returning back to England with a ring on their finger. 

Premier League predictions today will focus on the top-tier countries that are reliant on the talent brought in from the Premier League on a yearly basis.

Hopefully, the World Cup can help these players get more into form before they return home for the backstretch of the Premier League season.

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