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Can Minnesota Vikings win the Super Bowl after winning in London?

The NFL expansion overseas has been ongoing for quite a while, and we can tell without any hesitation that the United Kingdom has a massive fanbase and that it presents arguably the biggest one outside the US.

That’s why the league and the shareholders decided a while ago to play a few games in England during the season, and that became a tradition over the last 15 years. 

This year we’ve seen three matchups, Vikings vs. Saints, Giants vs. Packers, and the Broncos vs. Jaguars. According to the latest NFL odds, the Vikings are one of the Super Bowl contenders, and it could turn out that the audience in London saw the future champs.

But we’ll get back to that later.

Two games took place at the Tottenham Stadium, and one at the famous Wembley, and London can be proud to be a city with two NFL venues, alongside New York and Los Angeles.

By the way, the Vikes beat the Saints at the Tottenham Stadium, 28-25.

Now to come back to the Super Bowl odds section. We’ve mentioned the Vikings, who are playing one hell of a football these days.

To be honest, they were sort of a dark horse before the season started because of fantastic offensive versatility and also due to excellent off-season moves in free agency.

For example, they landed Za’Darius Smith, who was the second-team All-Pro two years ago and a two-time Pro Bowler. And to make it even better, he came from the division rivals, the Packers.

Young WR, Justin Jefferson, is one of the best in the league, and he has a good partnership with WR Adam Thielen and QB Kirk Cousins, who finally gained some consistency.

Dalvin Cook is reliable in the running back position, and we say that the Vikes have a balanced offense. Plus, the new head coach, Kevin O’Connell, brought in a new philosophy, much more flexible than Mike Zimmer had. 

As for other contenders, Buffalo Bills are topping the list right now. QB Josh Allen is one of the best in the league and is the top contender for winning the MVP award.

Along with him, WR Stefon Diggs is an All-Pro caliber, while the defence, which was arguably the best in the league last season, got an additional boost with Von Miller’s arrival.

The legendary LB won the title the previous year with the Rams and wants to do it again. 

The Philadelphia Eagles started the season furiously, having a long and unexpected perfect record, with young QB Jalen Hurts leading the way, becoming an unstoppable dual threat.

Their defence is superb as well, and there is no need to explain what kind of euphoria is in Philly. We already saw that to be crucial in their last attack on the throne. 

Kansas City Chiefs with Patrick Mahomes and his dynasty, which includes head coach Andy Reid, and TE Travis Kelce, are also in the mix, and as the season goes by, they are becoming better and better.

That’s what we say for the San Francisco 49ers, who once again have WR Jimmy Garoppolo in the driver’s seat. Only this time, the Niners have Christian McCaffrey, one of the best running backs in the last two decades.

These four teams are the top favourites for the Super Bowl title, while others who visited London this year aren’t anywhere near. The Packers started the year slow and sluggish, and it seems that Aaron Rodgers doesn’t have the needed resources to attack Vince Lombardi’s trophy.

It’s the same with the Denver Broncos, who were supposed to be the ultimate contender with QB Russell Wilson landing at Mile High. For the moment, the defence is doing all the work, while Wilson and his teammates from the offensive crew underachieve.

The New York Giants are playing good football, but the analyst simply doesn’t believe in their ability to push deep into the postseason, while the Saints and Jaguars currently present mediocre teams who don’t stand too many chances of reaching the postseason in the first place.

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