Why Emma Raducanu is set up for success in 2022

Tennis has had a tricky time over the last few years, much like other professional sports.

We all know that large events have had various restrictions placed on them which meant that some big-name tournaments have not been able to go ahead as normal.

However, the world is starting to return to normal and as such, there are many people looking forward to an exciting 2022 when it comes to the world of professional tennis. 

Who is Emma Raducanu? 

Born in 2002 Raducanu is a British professional tennis player that has earned a name for herself taking part in a number of matches in her career so far, earning herself a ranking place of 18 by the Women’s Tennis Association and she is considered the current British number 1 – not bad for a tennis player than is just 10 years old. 

Emma Raducanu is looking well set up to continue her career, the tennis star and media sensation has her new coach, and they are driving her fitness towards her second appearance in the Women’s Tennis Association Tour this coming season. 

A lot has changed for British prospects at the Australian Open since last year and there are many that consider the start to the 2022 tennis season as a tricky one for Emma but actually, her coach and the people in her team are confident she will continue to pick up momentum and do well this year. 

What will it take for her to do well this year? 

There is no denying that in order to do well at any professional sport you need to be talented and hardworking, however in order to be a champion you need to have a little more. 

Betway Insider spoke to Sabine Applemans recently, who talked about the players that she found tough to compete against.

One of these was another Belgian tennis star Dominique Monami; who was considered a similar rank to Applemans at the time.

Being of similar ranks and from the same country, the two naturally became friends, which is what makes it so tough to compete against one another.

If Emma Raducanu is to continue to do well this tennis season, then she will likely find herself playing against players that she finds tough, and as Sabine has proven you need to make sure this doesn’t take your head out of the game and instead, you still strive to do your best.  

As the Australian Open starts, Emma will be heading into the first Grand Slam of the season with her US Open Win under her belt – this makes her the most recent women’s major champion competing and as such, all eyes will be on her to see how well she does.

She’ll not go far wrong taking a leaf out of tennis star Sabine Applemans’ book and try not to let any of this phase her too much.

With the likes of Japanese tennis star Naomi Osaka also considered one to watch there is no denying that women’s professional tennis this year is going to be a sport that keeps everyone on the edge of their seats. 

Osaka is currently priced second in the online betting odds.

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