New horse racing whip rules could affect the 2023 Grand National

New rules concerning the way in which jockeys use their whips during races could be passed.

Since the announcement was made about the new whip rules they have been controversial with jockeys, trainers, and bookmakers all seeking clarity over the new rules.

Jockeys that seriously break the whip rules will be disqualified from races under the new rules presented by British racing.

Riders are banned from making four or more whip strikes above the permitted number.

Along with keeping the number of whip strikes below the threshold, riders will need to keep the tool in a backhand position.

If a jockey overuses the whip in major events, then a longer suspension will be levelled at them.

Therefore, a jockey that overuses the whip at the 2023 Grand National, will face a long ban.

Punters are already getting ready for the 2023 Grand National.

The debate is raging over which horse will win the major event and whether or not the new whip rules will affect the result.

Punters can learn about the Grand National horses for next year and begin their betting research on the event.

Thus far, the new whip rules have been put forward, but are not in place.

The rules could rock the horse racing world.

If the 2022 Grand National had been run with the new whip rules in place, then winner Noble Yates would have been disqualified due to winning jockey Sam Waley-Cohen overusing his whip.

Following the race, Waley-Cohen faced a nine-day suspension.

He was also fined £400 for using the whip too often and in the wrong place on Noble Yates.

The new rules would have suspended Waley-Cohen for 18 days rather than the nine.

The whip has been banned from horse racing in Scandinavia.

The Steer Group, the organisation that proposed the new rules, also lobbied for British horse racing to eliminate the whip all together.

However, rather than banning the whip, British horse racing aims to limit the number of times it can be used.

The new rules state that a jumps jockey cannot use their whip more than 12 times in a major race.

Any jockey that strikes their horse more than 12 times will be disqualified.

Flat racing jockeys will be disqualified if they strike their horse more than 11 times with the whip.

At the moment, jumps jockeys can only strike their horse eight times with the whip, while flat race jockeys are limited to seven strikes.

The current number of strikes a jockey can use was put in place 10 years ago.

Leaders of the racing industry do not feel the whip is an issue in terms of horse welfare.

In addition, race leaders insist the whip is an important tool in the world of horse racing.

However, animal rights activities believe it is detrimental to the life of a horse.

A rule change could affect the way the 2023 Grand National is run.

It could create plenty of controversy at the event next year.

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