Where to watch the Cheltenham Festival if you cannot attend in person

The Cheltenham Festival 2022 celebrations are set to be big this year.

However, being present at the racecourse is not an option for everyone, be it for a lack of time or due to geographical distance, not to mention Covid-19.

Thanks to broadcasting and live-streaming technology though, we can watch major racing events like the Cheltenham Festival from almost anywhere these days.

What it means is that attendance is not a necessity, and you can watch the Cheltenham festival on your TV, smartphone, tablet, and computer.

Let’s check out the options for each medium.

TV (Broadcast)

TV is the first choice of screen, of course, although it does not have to be limited to broadcast channels only. As for TV channels that will be broadcasting the Cheltenham festivals live in the UK, just check them out below:

Channel 4: Although it’s still too early to know which races will be covered by the channel, it has been declared that Channel 4 will be showing the Cheltenham Festival live on TV.

ITV: It is uncertain whether they will cover all races, but they did broadcast a lot more of the Cheltenham Festival in 2021. If ITV decides to stick to the same format, expect them to broadcast six out of the seven races each day. If not, ITV1 will at least show five races on each of the four days.


Liveblogging is where options get a lot broader, as you can catch tips, odds, updates, and live results from the Cheltenham Racecourse.

It’s an excellent option when you have put money on a race but can’t exactly see it live on TV due to office, work, or any other prior engagement, as you can peek through the results quickly from your smartphone at any time, in real-time.

Horses racing
GOING FOR THE GOLD (CUP): Cheltenham Festival is one of the biggest events on the sporting calendar

Live-streaming options on betting channels

If you are betting on the Cheltenham Gold Cup, the Queen Mother Champion Chase, the Stayer’s Hurdle, or any of the other high-stake races which will be held at the Cheltenham Festival, live-streaming is the way to go.

Not only will your bookmaker cover each and every race, but they will also supply members with inside info that could improve the chances of winning.

However, you will need to bet at least £1 on premium races to be able to watch the premium live coverage with some bookmakers.

Others do allow all their members to watch even premium races, irrespective of whether they bet anything on them or not, provided that they have sufficient credit in their account.

The decision is down to the bookmaker, so you will need to check with the specific bookmaker’s terms & conditions to confirm.

Other online streams

It’s much better to open a member’s account with Racing TV, rather than googling aimlessly in search of a live feed.

While you will need to pay for a membership if you wish to watch any of the premium races from the Cheltenham Festival, they are officially registered with Cheltenham Racing Authority to stream live action from the racecourse.

Due to the popularity of Cheltenham’s National Hunt races, no short number of racing and betting sites across the planet host a live feed to them.

Given that the internet removes several geographical boundaries, you might be able to find other options as well.

Do be careful with non-UK channels though, because if you place bets there, you may not be able to withdraw due to restrictions imposed by international laws.

More alarmingly, they might be unregulated or fake betting sites.

Finally, let’s talk about live-streaming on your big screen because that’s pretty much the best option if you have a giant flat screen.

All modern smart TVs act in pretty much the same way as our smartphones do, so you should be able to play the stream from your bookmaker live on TV.

As an alternative, simply plug in an HDMI cable from your laptop/desktop to use the TV as a monitor.

The experience of watching, betting, and (hopefully) winning at the Cheltenham from your own comfy couch is amazing.

Don’t forget to phone in a few fellow racing enthusiasts to keep you company.

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