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Hampton and Richmond offer discounted prices for PL and EFL season ticket holders

National League South side Hampton and Richmond Borough will be offering discounted ticket prices for Premier League and EFL season ticket holders this weekend.

Tickets for the club’s home game against Dartford tomorrow will be £12 for adults and £10 for over 65s, discounted from £17 and £12 respectively.

Media officer Louis Fell said the club targeted the weekend’s international break as an opportunity to attract new fans to the club and boost attendance while maintaining a family-friendly atmosphere. 

He said: “If you want to grow as a club you need to always be thinking of ways to attract new fans and it’s easier to attract people that watch a lot of football than those who have never watched football.

“I think targeting season ticket holders for Premier League clubs and EFL clubs in and around London offers something that they might not have experienced too much before. 

“My dad for example is a season ticket holder at West Ham and until I invited him down, he had never really been to non-league football. Now he comes regularly.” 

Match and season ticket prices are a topic of conversation for many football fans, but Hampton and Richmond Borough are committed to offering a cheaper option to those who cannot use their tickets this weekend.

Fell added: “Season ticket holders of these clubs are paying a hefty fee and regular fans are either paying through the roof to get a seat for a one-off game or are unable to get to many games at all. 

“I do get there is some disillusion and I think the problem is that a lot of people don’t know the solution.

“That is something that we are trying to do and trying to get the word out. The solution is to come and support your local non-league club.

“You are closer to the action and closer to the players. I think retaining fans is easier than getting those who come for the first time.”

FUN FOR THE FAMILY: The club is hoping to pack the Beveree Stadium tomorrow

The club is looking to build momentum in terms of home attendances, having already seen significant rises this season.

Fell explained: “Weymouth was 723 on the opening day and we are fairly certain it was more than that actually.

“Yeovil were a team who nine years ago were in the Championship so they have a huge following and that came through at 1300. 

“So based on these two games, our attendances have massively risen from what they were from last season. Hopefully we can get to that on a consistent basis.”

Hampton’s match against Dartford takes place this Saturday at The Beveree with kick-off at 3pm.

For more details on the event and how to purchase tickets please go to

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