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The best NFL podcasts to get into after Super Bowl LVIII

Super Bowl LVIII dazzled under the Las Vegas lights on Sunday, drawing eyes from across the globe to watch the Kansas City Chiefs thrillingly defeat the San Francisco 49ers in overtime.

Thanks to the star-power of one Ms Taylor Swift and the continued success of the NFL London Games, now is the perfect time to become a fan of the highest earning sports league on the planet.

For those looking for an entry point in the world of American football, here are a few of the best NFL podcasts to get you up to speed on the difference between first-downs and free safeties in time for next season. 

  1. The New Heights Show

Speaking of Taylor Swift, her romance with the Kansas City Chief’s superstar tight end Travis Kelce has taken the internet by storm and brought Swifties to the sport in droves. 

So what better place to start this run-down than with the podcast hosted by Travis and his brother Jason, himself an NFL legend with the Philadelphia Eagles. 

There is no hint of their teams’ rivalry in the brotherly chemistry on display, as the endlessly charismatic siblings reveal the life of NFL players, comment on the biggest news stories from around the league and venture into discussions on other sports and pop culture.

They even have a running segment explaining commonly used NFL terminology- perfect for the new fan.

  1. NFL in London 

Something a bit closer to home now.

Hosts Wade McElwain and Ryan Cull, a pair of North Americans based in London, give a weekly preview of upcoming games throughout the season.

The two have been offering up entertaining takes on the main narratives dominating for over half a decade and show no signs of slowing down any time soon.

  1. The Nat Coombs Show 

Sticking on this side of the pond, next up is The Nat Coombs Show, which delivers on its promise of ‘American Football, British Accent’. 

The veteran sports presenter, who you may recognise from his appearances on the BBC, EPSN and his show on TalkSPORT, is joined by a rotating cast of authoritative co-hosts to track the evolution of each season as it unfolds. 

Coombs is an exceptionally polished host, which is no surprise given that he’s been covering the NFL since 2007.

His years of experience shine through in these half hour episodes, cementing this as one of the best NFL podcasts out there.

  1. The Ringer NFL Show 

The Ringer is an American website that brings together sports and pop-culture in an unusual mixture that somehow works very well, and their NFL podcast is no exception. 

The four hosts are young and energetic, yet still possess a breadth of knowledge that makes each listen both engaging and informative. 

As a bonus, with at least four episodes released a week during the season, following this podcast will mean you never lack for NFL content spread throughout the week. 

  1. The Bootleg Football Podcast 

Last on this list, the Bootleg Football podcast is certainly not a show for those at the very beginning of their American football journeys, but for those seeking to really get into the nuances of the sport, it offers some of the richest and most insightful analysis available. 

Hosted by two of the most knowledgeable and hard-working NFL content creators on any platform – Brett Kollmann and E.J. Snyder, there is no better place to learn the ins-and-outs of NFL tactics. 

Some of their most entertaining episodes are their annual previews of the NFL draft, which feature detailed scouting on young players from colleges all across America. 

With the Super Bowl out of the way, the draft is the next major event on the NFL calendar and this is one of the best NFL podcasts to help you to get into it.

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