Haringey Borough hope to unite North London

Haringey Borough are hoping to attract new fans from both sides of the North London divide during this Pitching In Isthmian League season.

The Borough called on Tottenham supporters to visit Coles Park Stadium to watch their match against Horsham ahead of the Premier League clash with Manchester United, which Spurs won 2-0.

The ground is located within a mile and a half of the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium and less than five miles from The Emirates.

Club secretary, volunteer and Arsenal season ticket holder Nick Hoare believes that fans from the red and white sides of North London can unite behind The Borough.

“This is different, because when you’re at Haringey you are fans of Haringey, it does not matter who you support,” he said.

The new season is in full swing and there is a double helping of matches on offer this bank holiday weekend 🙌

“I was brought up in North London, so I have quite a few Spurs friends and Arsenal friends, but when we are at Haringey, we are supporting Haringey.

“Attracting new fans to come to the club is very important to us. We offer a free season ticket, and we want as many people as possible from the community to come through the door to enjoy the environment, the football and the atmosphere.

“There are not many clubs that offer that, and we can see the impact from the number of families and children that come to watch us play.

“Seven years ago our average attendance was around 100 and now we average around 450.”

Hoare has volunteered at The Borough for two years and has been a fan of the club for seven years.

Volunteering opportunities around the country are now available to locate on the Pitching In Volunteer Hub and Hoare emphasised the importance of Haringey’s dedicated team to the day-to-day running of the club.

“Most non-league teams will tell you that they are the backbone of the club,” he added.

“Without them, it is very difficult to actually run a game or accommodate that many fans coming through the door.

“If you have not got someone on the turnstiles, how do you take the money? If you don’t have someone working the car park, how will people get to the ground?

“Without wanting to put words in the chairman’s mouth, I think that he would say the volunteers are a significant part of the club.

“We all have different jobs so we might all have different skills.

“It is not only about the skills you can learn at the ground but all the other things you can help out with or tap into.”

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