Online casino sponsorship at sports matches

Did it surprise you to see an online casino advertising on your favourite team’s kit or stadium?

This is the latest trend in sports as gambling brands compete to sponsor famous clubs, events, and even players.

The online gaming industry has never been this successful, so it’s natural that they are looking for new sponsorship opportunities.

We discuss major web casinos sponsorships and the reasons for a gaming brand to advertise in the sports market.

Why would an online casino sponsor a sports event or club?

Popular web gambling brands increase their presence in the sports industry every day.

You’ve surely seen a betting advertisement during football competitions or broadcasts in the United Kingdom.

If you check out CasinoHEX, you’ll find many platforms that are familiar from the sports events in South Africa.

It’s no different in other countries, but why do online casinos rush to sponsor sports?

Let’s see how gaming platforms look at these deals:

  • Boosting brand awareness: It’s all about attracting visitors, and what better way for clients to hear about you than sports? People of all ages follow these games. Depending on the event, you can reach the audience worldwide with a single marketing campaign.
  • Enhancing brand reputation: Online gambling companies don’t enjoy the highest reputation out there. Also, the fans of a team or sport who like online gambling will probably give the platform a try.
  • Expanding to particular markets: If a casino only started offering services in a country, sponsoring a sports event or team is a smart move. It will attract customers and help to set an initial player base in that location.

It’s not hard to see why sports teams and athletes accept sponsorships.

Online casinos usually offer generous deals, and the significant financial benefit is hard to refuse.

We can see gambling brands advertising in football, basketball, and many other markets.

Even some athletes you might have watched in the Olympics might become ambassadors of online gambling brands soon.

What major brands sponsor sports competitions and clubs?

Online casinos started sponsoring sports at the beginning of the century.

Today, you can see numerous platforms partnering with athletes, teams, and competitions.

Here are some most notable partnerships in the market.


The football audience in the UK recognizes Bet365 from advertisements on different team jerseys.

The company sponsored Wolverhampton, West Brom, Newcastle United, and Leicester City.

Bet365 even went a step further with Stoke City, as their famous Britannia Stadium changed its name to Bet365 Stadium.

The company sponsors no less than 50% of the teams in the Spanish La Liga.

That’s the top-tier football competition in Spain, and Bet365 made sure its name is widely seen in this country.

Some notable clubs that have this brand as a sponsor include Athletic Club, Villareal, and Getafe.

Although sports betting is the primary focus of these campaigns, the company’s online casino section also benefits.

The higher number of players coming to the platform means better chances they will try casino games, too.


The brand had started with sports betting but soon expanded to providing casino games.

Bwin made an excellent move by entering the sports market.

The company’s worth increased significantly, and that made signing contracts with major clubs possible.

AC Milan wore this brand’s name on its jerseys for a long time and they also have partnerships with Manchester United, Real Madrid, and other clubs.

Interestingly, Bwin expanded to the basketball market.

They are among the crucial partners of FIBA, and you could see them as sponsors of the World and European Basketball Championships.

Other events that Bwin sponsors include poker and motorsports events.


Betfair shifted its focus to South America, as they became sponsors of the major continental competitions – Copa Libertadores and Copa Sudamericana.

The current deal is valid until the end of 2022 and is likely to expand.

In the European market, Betfair became famous as early as 2002.

That’s because it was the first gambling brand to sponsor a football club.

Fulham partnered with this company to pave the way for other gaming platforms.

Caesars Entertainment

Caesars Entertainment is the owner of premium casinos in Las Vegas and throughout the US.

It also offers online betting services in states where this is legal.

The company realized the importance of advertising in sports but took a different path.

It decided to partner with ESPN, the famous US sports broadcaster. 

According to reports, ESPN will advertise William Hill, the sports betting partner of Caesars in the United States.

ESPN also expanded its cooperation with DraftKings.

You could see this brand advertising during NBA and other broadcasts on these channels.

Final Thoughts

Sports and online gambling share one thing – a constant increase in popularity and market worth.

The industries attract millions of fans around the world, so it’s only natural that their paths cross.

Football is most attractive for online casinos to advertise, but we expect further expansion to other markets.

These are win-win deals where both parties benefit, so there’s no doubt they will continue to be a huge success.

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