Icelandair extends partnership with Icelandic FA (KSÍ), ensuring equality across national teams

As the Icelandic team begins its 2022 Women’s Euros tournament, Icelandair has signed a new contract with the Icelandic FA (KSÍ) to extend its partnership with all Icelandic national football teams, from youths to senior professionals, for an additional 3 years, to 2025. The decades long partnership highlights Icelandair’s commitment to equality & women’s sport through its equal support of both women’s and men’s national teams across all age groups.

The newly signed agreement between Icelandair and KSÍ places more particular emphasis on gender equality then previous contracts, including a new provision which entails that the funds of the agreement are equally spent between both men’s and women’s teams. As one of the few companies to equally sponsor both the men’s and women’s football teams, Icelandair has shown a long-term commitment to the development of women in sport.

To help raise awareness of women in sport and women’s football, Icelandair is launching a campaign to encourage people around the world to make a ‘W’ (women in sport) hand-signal and share it on their social channels supported by specific hashtags – #bringyoursupport #womeninsport

Backed by the Icelandic women’s football team and KSÍ, the hand signal and hashtags will help to reinforce Icelandair’s commitment to supporting women in sport, not just during the 2022 Women’s Euros tournament, but across all facets of women’s football in Iceland.

Bogi Nils Bogason, CEO of Icelandair: “We have been successfully cooperating with KSÍ and other sports federations for many years and we are proud to continue to support sport in Iceland. We have strengthened our emphasis on equality even further with the renewed agreement, ensuring that funds are equally spent between the men’s and women’s national teams. It is fitting to present it now as our women’s national team begins their Euro 2022 journey. We will be watching and supporting them all the way.”

Vanda Sigurgeirsdóttir, Chairman of KSÍ: “We are pleased to renew the agreement with Icelandair, which has supported KSÍ’s work and the Icelandic the national teams for many years. Team travel is a major part of our operations and the cooperation with Icelandair is, and will continue to be, invaluable.”

The European Championship kicks off on the 6th of July. Iceland’s first match is against Belgium on the 10th of July in Manchester. More information about Iceland’s 2022 games can be found here.

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