How Bingo May One Day Become an Olympic Sport

Bingo is a game where players must scratch off numbers on a card when these numbers get drawn out at random, usually on bingo balls and accompanied by some witty slang phrases.

It generated a lot of interest in the UK and a string of bingo halls were built in the 90s. Since then, interest has wavered at the bingo hall but that is not the complete story.

Bingo is rumoured to be making a comeback as more younger people play bingo online with the use of smartphones. It is also estimated that more males are playing bingo than ever before, crushing the stereotype that only our grannies play the game.

But can this popularity transfer into the next Olympic sport? Find out here!

A Brief History of Bingo

Believe it or not, but Bingo was never called Bingo to begin with. It originates from a type of lottery in Italy during the 16th century. The game then developed into different variations as it made its way across Europe and was even used within maths lessons in German schools at one point.

New bingo adaptations have not stopped today and one of the latest bingo variations can be found in online casinos. Slot games have been wrestling with a way to stay relevant and cater to generations that have grown up with sophisticated game consoles and high-spec visuals. One way slots have adapted is by encompassing elements of bingo, making it a slot-bingo hybrid game.

And one of the most popular variations is from a company called Slingo who make other adaptations of casino games, including monopoly casino games. Search for Slingo Bingo if you want to learn more!

Can Bingo Apply for the Olympics?

Yes, it is possible for Bingo to apply and become a sport at the Olympics, but it is not as straightforward as that. One aspect going in the favour of Bingo fans – and Mecca Bingo who is supporting the charge – is that what can and cannot be classified as a recognised sport is being heavily scrutinised right now.

The likes of eSports gaming have opened the minds of those who get to decide what is and is not classed as a sport, and ultimately, what can and cannot appear at the Olympics.

Something else that works in the favour of Bingo’s claim is that the Olympics are supposed to be for amateur performers and the everyday person, rather than elite athletes. Bingo ticks this box because there are no certified professional bingo players.

Counter arguments that Bingo does not involve any skill do not know the game well enough. There is in fact a strategy within Bingo known as dabbing which involves skill to help players win.

Will We See Bingo at Tokyo 2020?

We probably won’t be seeing people shout ‘House’ in Tokyo next year, but there is still a case for Bingo to appear at future Olympic Games as long as the current campaign can maintain momentum.

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