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The English Football League: a very English passion

Football is often called “the beautiful game,” and not without reason.

It ignites the hearts of millions and it goes beyond the field. People are also passionate about betting on football matches. 

This is why, in England, many eyes gaze upon the Premier League.

However, its second-tier counterpart still attracts millions.

In this article, we’ll look at the English Football League to understand why this is an exciting choice for both fans of the teams and gamblers.

Why is there an EFL?

When you look at the EFL Championship and league history, you notice it’s a rather old concept.

It was founded in 1888 and it’s the original football league in the world. With such a pedigree, it’s no wonder it’s a top league for football fans.

It’s also stimulating because teams compete to get the chance to make it into the Premier League.

This is where legends are born, which makes it very unpredictable.

When you’re betting on a match, you don’t know if a new player will be instrumental to his team’s victory, making your bet worthwhile.

The English Football League is positioned in a perfect place. It’s mainstream, but not so much as the Premier League. It has incredible teams with loyal fans, but feels less corporate.

This is why it’s a passionate league that captures true football fans’ interest across England and beyond.

An exciting choice for gamblers

Because of everything mentioned, the English Football League is a perfect choice for anyone looking to bet on sports.

First, top teams, such as Millwall, QPR, Charlton and many others, are involved, as there are 72 participating clubs.

Second, three of the winning teams are promoted to the Premier League.

Also, understanding how this league works allows you to bet on other European leagues, as leagues across the continent copied its system.

Online casinos offer a wide array of matches and bet types for this league, which allows gamblers to fine-tune their betting strategies.

You can combine bets to form a larger one on some platforms and there are sometimes special incentives for specific events.

Finding top talent such as Harry Maguire or John Stones is very rewarding.

If you’re a statistician, you can analyse a player’s performance and try to find the next football superstar.

If you manage to do so, you have an edge in betting.

Still, football’s primary goal is entertaining people and football betting should be treated the same way.

Don’t forget that having fun is the main goal.

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