Common sense betting strategies for the World Cup 2018

With the World Cup 2018 approaching rapidly, numerous gamblers and betting fans are trying to find suitable strategies to help them make a profit.

The FIFA World Cup is a huge event, which occurs every four years. For most bettors it’s hard to process the statistics and data for a tournament like this one. The good news is that this year’s tournament could be a great opportunity for betting enthusiasts.

There is a great number of recreational bettors that will likely jumble all the bookmakers’ odds. The odds may turn to be a big market failure due to the millions of bettors. Most bettors are not professional, being more likely to bet with national loyalties and emotions instead of relying on actual probabilities. This year’s World Cup is as exciting as it is unpredictable.

Bettors prepare to profit from the World Cup 2018, not simply stay afloat, with our following tips.

1.Strategy No. 1 – Bet on Draws

Betting on draws is a great low-risk strategy. For people that are new to soccer betting, it’s important to note that odds for draws are generally higher than 3.00. In other words, this strategy can be more profitable on the long run, as long as you choose the right matches. It’s recommended to consider a fixed stake and bet the same unit on every bet, so even in the worst case you end up with a break-even scenario.

2.Strategy No. 2 – Bet Against the Favorites

A safe strategy, given the huge event, is to bet against the favorites. In this way, you will have to focus on Double Chance bets. For each game, you should bet on the team, which is not likely to win. On the surface it would make sense to bet on a favorite,, Place a medium-sized bet on the weaker opponent and see how the match shapes up. Often times, the absence of the bigger team’s rested players, means that they will try to hold on to a draw to avoid bringing down their odds. In this scenario it’s a good idea to bet on draws or away.

3.Strategy No.3 – Bet on Goals

Specialists indicate that games are free-flowing during the group stages. Hence, you should expect many goals. Therefore, if you bet on 2.5 goals, for example, this will be a great opportunity for you to earn some money. For the group stages, you are likely to notice numerous games which involve teams that have a big gap when it comes to footballing standards. After testing this strategy, the results showed that this strategy can bring you a 30% profit. Therefore, you should definitely bet on over 2.5 goals during this World Cup. For this scenario, the average odds are 2.0.

4.Strategy No.4 – Go for Bigger Odds

This is exactly the opposite of the first strategy where you bet on Double Chance with low odds. This strategy implies going for bigger odds while you back the underdogs to win. The results after implementing this strategy show that backing the underdogs to win can be profitable. You can earn a 20% profit.

Are you going to bet on the teams that have won the World Cup before? Are you bold enough to take a chance and bet on a first-time winner? Whichever your choice, you have to make sure you bet thoughtfully. The strategies we mentioned above can help you ace your betting game, but it’s up to you to decide which one is most suitable on a case-by-case basis. Make sure you test a couple of strategies and stick with the one that brings you more profit.

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