Wimbledon 1 Hampstead and Westminster 2

This was the end of season bash where the top four teams in the premier division play off for the European Cup places. 

In this instance Wimbledon had already qualified for Europe by being the league champions at the end of the season.

A good crowd watched the game at the Lee Valley stadium on the newly laid Astroturf pitch.  It was the pitch that appeared to be the winner in the first quarter. (these games are played in four 15 minute sessions).   The bounce and slower pace of the pitch appeared to cause problems as both sides were making elementary errors.

However in the second quarter Hampstead adapted better and looked far livelier than a Wimbledon team that seemed to be “having a bad day at the office”.  As the match progressed, Hampstead looked quicker and more determined with their coach Kwan Brown conducting operations. The short corner tally mounted and with 8 minutes left was 12 to 1 in favour of Hampstead and they’d scored from two of them. The Hampstead goalie had not seen action until the end of the third quarter.

Wimbledon now resorted to a kicking back and promptly were reduced to 10 men through an unfortunate yellow card.  The ten men swept forward and for the first time in the game, looked like they meant business.  A flurry in the Hamstead D ended with Peter Friend scoring from short range,

The match now took on another dimension as Wimbledon threw everything at Hampstead and more yellow cards were being dished out.  With 40 seconds left, the nine men of Wimbledon were awarded a short corner.  Could this be the reprieve?  No!   The other umpire intervened and the corner was converted to a free kick.  There was still time for yet another yellow card and then it was all over.

Take nothing away from Hampstead and Westminster.  On the day they were far the better team.  Wimbledon have had a successful and exhausting season

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