Lib Dem Louise Rowntree in battle for the centre in Chelsea & Fulham

A witness to the Harrods Bombing of 1983, national security has always been at the forefront of Louise Rowntree’s politics.

Running as the Liberal Democrat candidate in Chelsea & Fulham, the 41-year-old firmly believes that Brexit will make the United Kingdom more vulnerable.

Despite campaigning in a Conservative safe seat, Ms Rowntree finds that many constituents may be changing their political allegiances.

She said: “The big difference is the reaction on the doorstep compared to the reaction in the polls.

“I have met many former Labour and Conservative voters saying they are going to vote Lib Dem.

“I have former Conservatives funding my campaign and knocking on doors with me.”

Brexit remains the big issue for voters in this constituency and in light of the Manchester bombings the need for continued data sharing and international arrest warrants have taken on a particular significance.

Ms Rowntree promises an alternative to the Conservative’s ‘hard’ Brexit, with an assurance that Prime Minister Theresa May’s leadership will not go unchallenged.

She said: “Ultimately what the Liberal Democrats are about is giving people a choice.

“Our vision is to have a vote on the final Brexit deal and for many people that is a light at the end of the tunnel.”

Nationally the Liberal Democrats have struggled to make substantial headway in the polls, with mixed evidence of a ‘Lib Dem comeback’.

However, Louise Rowntree remains optimistic that she will win her seat and be able to challenge Theresa May’s government.

She said: “I have always loved that Britain embraces democratic opposition.

“Now more than ever, Britain needs a strong opposition to limit the damage being wreaked by the new Conservative government’s closed plan for Britain’s future.”

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