Politics expert criticises Theresa May over ‘underwhelming’ reshuffle

A Kingston University expert has labelled the Prime Minister’s latest Cabinet reshuffle as a ‘completely underwhelming non-event’.

According to senior lecturer in comparative politics Dr Robin Pettitt, the Prime Minister Theresa May has missed an opportunity to reinvigorate the government.

Following the latest Cabinet reshuffle, which saw no change to key ministerial post holders, Karen Bradley moved to become secretary of state for Northern Ireland, while Jeremy Hunt kept his role as health secretary.

Dr Pettitt said: “This reshuffle was being heralded as a great relaunch, yet there have been no significant alterations with just some tweaking at the margins, so essentially, it’s all a bit underwhelming.”

He thinks the Cabinet changes had been clumsy and added: “The announcements stated that ministers had ‘remained’ in their current roles.

“This is an odd choice of phrasing, suggesting that ministers had merely survived in their jobs – which doesn’t really spark confidence in our elected officials.

“The mistake of announcing – then hastily retracting – that Chris Grayling was the new party chairman symbolises how this is a leadership that is not in control. It is a continuation from last year’s party conference, which was plagued by a comedy of errors.”

The lecturer believes had Theresa May made bold changes to the personnel of her government she would be able to counteract the impression that she is a weak Prime Minister.

He suggested the lack of change confirms she does not have a strong position within the party.

Dr Pettitt’s research focuses on political organisations that serve as conduits between civil society and the state, particularly political parties. With interests based on national politics, he is moving into the politics of representation at the EU level.

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