General Election 2015: Diversity is key in next government says Conservative minister Justine Greening

Women need to play a bigger part in government when the next cabinet is formed according to the Secretary of State for International Development Justine Greening.

The Conservative minister spoke after the general election which saw her hold her seat in Putney.

She now wants to see more diverse representation as we begin to forge our new government.

She said: “Of course, I’d like to see more women in the cabinet, this is the 21st century and I think we should all of us, whatever our gender be pressing for a more balanced presentation in parliament.

“That includes in government as well and it includes not just on gender, but across Britain.

“We want everyone represented on that parliament, that’s how it will work most effectively.”

In David Cameron’s latest cabinet, there were four women out of a 21-strong cabinet.

This is indicative of a continuing trend of government, a trend Ms Greening wants to see arrested.

When asked about whether a Conservative government would bring about a more diverse cabinet, she said: “Well we’re going to have to wait and see what the rest of the night holds, I certainly hope so though.”

This comes after she retained her seat by earning 23,018 votes out of the 42,813 voters that turned up.

This will be her third term as MP for Putney and she took that as a real backing from the constituents of Putney.

She said: “ I’m relieved and immensely humbled, we got 53% of the vote, which is incredible.

“I hope it’s a real endorsement as to not just what I’m working on but how I got about working on things.

“It’s a very simple sense of taking local priorities, taking local issues, making them mine and trying to constructively, positively work on them to try and improve peoples live locally.

“There’s not magic formula, it’s just a lot of hard work on the right things that people care about.”

The Conservative MP focused a lot of what she said on what needs to be done in Putney but she also commented on what needs to be done on a national scale.

She said: “For me being an MP is about serving my community and it’s about serving my country, it’s about working hard on the things that matter to local people and taking our communities priorities and making them mine.

“It’s about getting things done and reaching across all parts our our community.

“That means I’m going to keep working hard on getting better transport, protecting our quality of life, making sure regeneration Roehampton brings the jobs and the facilities people in that part of my constituency need.

“It also means that I’ll work hard on the policies that matter to me as national priorities on equality of opportunity, on social mobility, on making sure we have a leveled up Britain where everyone can achieve their potential wherever they start, wherever they’re born,” said Ms Greening.

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