General Election 2015: Conservative Tania Mathias stunned after defeating Vince Cable in Twickenham seat

A stunned Tania Mathias paid tribute to a young supporter after sensationally ousting Vince Cable in Twickenham.

In the closest election there for 86 years, the Conservative Dr Mathias overturned a 12,000 Liberal Democrat majority to end Dr Cable’s 18-year reign as MP.

After becoming Twickenham’s first female MP, Dr Mathias dedicated her victory to a young boy from Hampton Wick.

“There is a little eight-year-old boy called Daniel at Hampton Wick who said he would stay up to watch the result come in on television,” she said.

“He wasn’t old enough to vote but this is why we vote: to make the world better.”

Dr Mathias took the seat with 25,580 votes ahead of Dr Cable on 23,563, with Labour’s Nick Grant in third place with 7,129 votes.

Dr Mathias also thanked Dr Cable for his work in Twickenham since 1997 and promised to be an honest and hard-working MP.

“I want to give big thanks to Vince Cable who has been an amazing local MP,” she said.

“That is an amazing feat of public office and so many people on the doorstep said what a great local MP he has been.

“It is an absolute privilege. Thank you so much to my family, friends and supporters.”

Newly re-elected Richmond Park MP Zac Goldsmith was delighted for the NHS doctor and local councillor to join him in south west London.

He told SWLondoner:  “It’s madness, but Tania is the best possible candidate they could have chosen in Twickenham.

“I’ve been lucky enough to spend a bit of time in Twickenham knocking on doors with her and they react really well to her.

“It was a brilliant decision from the Conservatives to choose her as a candidate.”

The Twickenham voting turnout of 77.3% was the highest since 1997, up from 74.8% in 2010.

Dr Mathias appeared in shock at the win, though polling a few weeks ago had put her ahead.

David Cameron visited Twickenham on Tuesday in a final push for support, but it still came as a surprise to the Liberal Democrats, who hoped the name recognition of Vince Cable would be enough.


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