Hands happy at Conservative position in Hammersmith and Fulham

The Tories were in a good position as the ballots were counted in Hammersmith and Fulham according to Conservative MP Greg Hands.
Mr Hands told SWL that his party had fought a strong campaign in the borough after facing a series of challenges over the last four years.
“My gut feeling is that it will be difficult for us to hold where we were,” he said.
“A lot has happened since 2014, not all of which has gone in our direction in Hammersmith in particular. Obviously we’re not as popular in London as we’d like to be, but I think overall the Conservative party is in a good position.”
Mr Hands noted that the Conservatives held an overall 43% in the opinion polls – its highest national opinion poll rating in around 30 years.
He added: “I think the Conservatives have fought a very good campaign. A very good set of candidates, a lot of new candidates, a lot of younger candidates, a lot more diverse candidates.
“Whatever happens here tonight, I don’t think we can blame Theresa May for the picture because we’re ahead of Labour.”
Overall voter turnout for Hammersmith and Fulham was up 1% from last year to 39%, with hthe highest turnout being Ravenscourt Park ward with 50.4%.

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