Battersea Charities week will offer organisations the chance to celebrate the voluntary sector

Battersea community groups, charities and other organisations will come together for a week of events next month to share, learn and network.

Each day will cover a theme including partnerships, volunteering, funding, governance, communication and campaigning, with the final day ending with a celebration of Battersea at the Falcon Road Festival on Saturday 29 June.

One of the many charities involved in this event is the Katherine Low Settlement (KLS) which works with more than 45 charities as well as running its own programs to support residents in Battersea.

KLS chief executive Aaron Barbour said: “Battersea Charities Week is our chance to share our skills and experiences so that we can learn from one another and celebrate the work of the voluntary and community sector in Battersea.

“It’s important that we as a sector come together and support each other to develop our partnerships, so we are using Battersea Charities Week as an opportunity to build our relationships together.

“I think if you’ve got strong organizations they will be set up to support local residents more effectively, if they collaborate and work in partnership together.”

Mr Barbour said that the event will be a mix of networking and practical sessions such as the funders’ day where eight local funders will speak about who they are and what they do, providing the opportunity for people to pitch their ideas in the hope of getting funding.

Other workshops will advise on how to write a successful funding application and how to monitor and evaluate charity work.

Each day will be run by charity leaders and volunteers from across different organizations within the sector at several venues in Battersea.

For free tickets see hereUpdates and further information can be found here.

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