Scooter park first for Merton’s Poplar Primary School

A Merton primary school is on track to complete what is believed to be the UK’s first ever scooter park.

Staff believe Poplar Primary School’s race course and 200m of pathways will boost childrens’ active lifestyles and increase their road safety awareness in the renovated part of the Mostyn Gardens site.

A crowdfunding campaign has been launched to raise a further £20,000 to complete the scooter park with a small village, street furniture, road markings and signs such as traffic lights.

Headteacher Katharine Davies said: “We have not been able to find another park of this nature in the UK – it is quite unique and we imagine that it will be very popular.

“The children who have tried it so far have loved it.”

Poplar Primary School - Scooter Park

On Thursday the school’s 640 pupils took to running and scooting in a dualthon to raise money for the park, and Olympic triathlon champions the Brownlee brothers have already committed £1,000 through their charity The Brownlee Foundation.

Student Taylor said: “I love the up and down bit because it’s like going on an adventure!”

The community project, which has the backing of local and environment organisations, will be used by the school during weekdays and open to the public at other times.

A Poplar School parent said: “My daughter will definitely be dragging me down here.”

The scooter park is due to open formally in May and there are plans to plant a range of bluebells, snowdrops and other flowers to make it an attractive surrounding for the scoot tracks.

To donate to the project find out more here:

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