Twickenham pub pleads patrons to spend not steal after plant pot theft

A Twickenham pub has asked patrons to stop stealing from it after the theft of two aloe vera plants this week.

The Brewery Market, Church Street, was the target of multiple thefts this week.

Last Saturday, at around 9.30pm, a group of six men entered the brewery but stole a trestle table by the door after being refused service.

Co-owners Alex Powell and Denis Radic said: “They had just been for a drink at the bar across the road and they came in here.

“As they were very drunk we refused them service.

“They were annoyed with us for not letting them have a drink so they then walked out and grabbed a table.”

Then on Wednesday two aloe vera plant pots went missing from the guest toilet.

Powell, 45, said: “We don’t know who did it, we just came in the other day and realised that two have gone missing.”

In addition some light furnishings were stolen from the beer shop.

The Brewery Market is one of the many bars in the town that have taken a hit over the pandemic.

Powell added: “We’re really feeling the impact.

“Most of our business is now takeaway.”

Despite the spate of thieving, the owners insisted that the events were stand alone.

Radic, 27 said: “Most of our customers are well behaved.

“It’s just a few that break the rules.”

Brewery Market will celebrate its second birthday this weekend, having launched on Halloween 2018.

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