Carshalton and Wallington MP Tom Brake slams David Cameron’s PMQ ‘joke response’ to refugee question

Carshalton and Wallington’s Tom Brake has hit back at David Cameron after he ‘chose to make a joke’ when quizzed on aiding refugees at PMQs this week.

The prime minister had used a question from Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron on the plight of child refugees in Lesbos to make a joke about the party’s numbers on the opposition benches.

Mr Brake penned a letter to the Prime Minister criticising his comments.

He told SW Londoner: “I was sad the prime minister chose to, rather than respond to a question, make a joke.

“I don’t think the tens of thousands of displaced migrants in the European Union should be a joke either.

“I have written to the prime minister saying how saddened I was by his comments.”

Mr Cameron’s quip came after Mr Farron asked a question about helping refugees.

The Lib Dem leader said: “Yesterday I visited the refugee camps on Lesbos, and there I met families that were inspirational and desperate.

“Alongside the British charity workers I found there, I am frankly ashamed that we will not offer a home to a single one of those refugee families.

“Will the prime minister agree to Save the Children’s plea that we as a country should take 3,000 vulnerable unaccompanied children in Europe, some of whom are as young as six?”

Mr Cameron joked about the diminished number of Liberal Democrat MPs before answering the question.

To loud laughter from the Tory benches, he said: “It’s good to see such a high turnout of his MPs!”

Picture courtesy of No 10, with thanks

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