Wandsworth welcomes back Brighter Living Fair to promote support services for over 55s in the area

Brighter Living Fair will make its comeback on October 1 to give people over the age of 55, a chance to see what support and care services can be found within Wandsworth.

The fair was set up by Wandsworth council and local health and care providers and the fair will run throughout the first ten days of October with a multitude of events being put on in the community.

Now in its fourth year, the fair also coincides with Wandsworth’s annual event celebrating Silver Sunday and the International Day of Older Persons.

The theme of this years Brighter Living Fair is based on the ‘five ways to wellbeing’ which include; Connect, Be Active, Take Notice, Keep Learning and Give.

Local businesses and charities will host events in-person and online varying from bingo, technological skills, gentle exercise and having a bite to eat and a chat.

A spokesman for Healthwatch Wandsworth said they were working with Superhighways, a London based digital support charity, to offer a guided tour of health and care services to residents of Wandsworth, with the aim to empower them to feel confident to find information and resources online.

BRIGHTER DAYS AHEAD: the council hopes the fair will empower people to use services in the area

St Paul’s Community Centre will host three different lunches with entertainment including bingo and live music, which is free for all to join in and sing along.

The first event to take place on Friday, October 1, is hosted by Black Heroes Foundation, which will host a Black History Month celebration for the Windrush elders.

Local care services and the council are excited to get the fair back up and running after last year’s fair was cancelled due to the pandemic.

A spokesman for Healthwatch Wandsworth said: “It’s a great opportunity to get people connected again. Many people have felt very disconnected and isolated and it’s nice to have events like Brighter Living Fair to bring people back together again.”

Due to the ongoing risk of the pandemic, the council have decided to hold smaller events rather than one large event in the Wandsworth Civic Suite as they would have normally done in the past.

Cabinet member for adult social care and health Cllr Clare Salier said: “Brighter Living is a brilliant event that we know people get a lot out of. A big event in the Wandsworth Civic Suite was just too risky this year, but smaller, community-based events are a great alternative.”

Mr Egan said: “It’s so important more so now than ever as many people have been isolated and it’s very difficult to build up the confidence to come back out and join in with a conversation let alone anything else.”

For more information or to book a space at an event visit Wandsworth Council’s website.

Image credits: Wandsworth Council

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