Wimbledon champion Kvitova admits menstruating players have it ‘quite tough’

Defending Wimbledon champion Petra Kvitova has admitted that female players can have a difficult time when having to compete on their period.

This comes six months after British tennis player Heather Watson broke sport’s ‘last taboo’ after revealing she lost her first round of the Australian Open due to ‘girl things’, sparking a world-wide debate about menstruation in sport.

Kvitova said: “To be honest, I think it’s quite tough.  Of course, I have these experiences from before.

“It’s never really easy to deal with one more tough thing.

“I think always the beginning of this kind of period, it’s tough –I think that for normal woman, they know about.

“If we have to play the match or training or something, it’s difficult.”

When asked whether the All-England Club’s strict ‘tennis white’ dress code may be another worry for some female players, Kvitova dismissed this.

She said: “No I think it’s [wearing white] fine.”

Image courtesy of Wimbledon via YouTube, with thanks

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