Holy smokes! Fans get chance to drool over Batmobile in Southfields ahead of Arkham Knight release

A spectacular replica of the caped crusader’s famed Batmobile has zoomed in from Gotham City, and is currently parked up in the Joe Macari supercar showroom in Southfields.

The vehicle is a reproduction of the souped-up supercar found in the much-anticipated Batman game Arkham Knight, released on June 23.

Batman Arkham Knight
HOLY SMOKES! Bruce Waynes’ Batmobile is in town 

Petrol heads after a new set of wheels will have to look elsewhere – the sign in front of the car brings the disappointing news that the car has already been reserved for a certain Bruce Wayne.

Although it is kitted out with super-sized wheels and epic body armour, the car is purely ornamental, and sadly can’t be taken for a spin on the road.

Batmobile wheel
WHEELY IMPRESSIVE! Batmobile tyres

In the showroom it sits alongside classic Porches, vintage Aston Martins and turbocharged Ferraris.

The game’s developers Rocksteady Studios have released a preview video of the game, where you can see the Batmobile in action on the road.

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