Swedish superstar ready to rock Royal Albert Hall


Robert Wells is visiting the venue for the seventh time tonight with the China Edition of his Rhapsody in Rock concert series.


By Daniel Jolly

Swedish superstar Robert Wells says he is ready to rock Kensington’s Royal Albert Hall tonight.

Wells will visit the venue for a seventh time with the China Edition of his Rhapsody in Rock concert series.

The gig will mark the tenth anniversary since the Swede first played there and he says that playing there offers a totally unique experience.

“I will never forget the prestigious feeling walking out of the dressing room and seeing all posters and pictures of all performers who have performed on that stage before.  

“The stage and the venue have an emotional impact on you when you start playing. It makes you do your best plus a little bit more.

“English audiences are fantastic; they remind me of fans back home in Sweden. Everybody is out to have a good time and I love their reaction to my music, it’s my job to make them feel good.” 

Wells’ one-off exclusive performance of the China edition is inspired by his affinity with Chinese culture and the people. His popularity in the country knows no bounds and his 27 appearances there have all been sold out and he even wrote the ceremonial and medal music for the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

 Alongside 49-year-old Wells for tonight’s gig will be a Chinese actress and singer, classical quartet Blake, Deep Purple legend Glenn Hughes and charismatic tenor, Wynne Evans – who is best known for his role as the ‘Go Compare’ man in the much-maligned adverts.

 The pianist, composer and singer says working with these artists is an honour.

 “Tan Jing is very easy to work and is a wonderful singer. The UK artists are all on tour and have incredibly busy schedules so I’m very happy that they could all take time out of their schedules and join the show.

“Their material suits this concert perfectly. It will be a true cross-over between Rock and Roll and Opera and this is what Rhapsody in Rock is all about.”

The Rhapsody in Rock series started in 1989 and has grown in stature ever since its inception and Wells in confident that the idea can only continue to get grow and get stronger.

“When I did the first concert 22 years ago, people told me to quit because we had 80 people in the audience and 75 of those were free tickets. It felt like my like my symphony orchestra looked bigger than the audience.

“Clearly the concept struck a chord with my audiences because lo and behold, Rhapsody is still going stronger after all this time.

“I could be so tired and exhausted but every time I go on stage and perform the material for Rhapsody, it is like a mental vitamin kick every time. I have done thousands of gigs over the years and it only continues to get better and more fun for me.”

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